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When decorating your home, remember to incorporate your quirks. Recreating a design from Pinterest may seem appealing, but you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a show home. Although it’s great to get inspiration from social media, bloggers, or magazines for your mood boards, your personality should shine through your house. 

If your home feels bare, uninviting, and uninspiring, it might be time to give it some TLC. As more people return to working from home, it’s more important than ever that your home is your happy place. To add charm and character to your house, follow these ten tips.   

10 Tips for Injecting Personality into Your Home

1. Interior aesthetic

Before doing anything else, you need to settle on a design style that will represent your taste and make you feel at home. If you aren’t sure, look through your wardrobe for an indication of your style preferences and find an interior equivalent. There are numerous choices to consider, including Scandinavian, Hollywood glam, and mid-century modern.  

 2. Artwork displays 

Art allows you to express your interests, passions, and opinions within your home. For example, you could exhibit political paintings, film posters, or prints of your favourite quotes. You don’t need to limit the amount of art you display either, as you can create a gallery wall to make a statement and fill a blank space. 

Knowing where to find the right art is often the hard part. Bleur Art offers a range of art including mixed-media creations, spray paint art, minimalist oil paintings, and black-and-white photography. With plenty to choose from, this unique gallery is a great place to discover artwork that mirrors your personality. 

3. Mis-matched furniture 

Choosing one-of-a-kind furniture will instantly add interest to a room. Instead of shopping in retail giants, check antique stores, and independent shops or upcycle your existing furniture. This way you can make your room more individual and unlike all your friends’ homes.

4. Bright colours 

Decorating a room in vibrant colours might seem intimidating if you’re used to a neutral palette, but being surrounded by muted tones can be uninspiring. To ease your way in, add a pop of colour with accessories such as cushions, vases, and blankets. If you’re considering a bold transformation, hiring a skilled handyman in Barton Creek can make the process smoother when it comes to jobs like painting.

However, don’t hold back if you aren’t afraid of adding colour. For a striking aesthetic, you could create a colour block design, decorate a room entirely in the same colour, or pick two clashing bold shades.

All colours evoke a particular reaction. If you want a calming atmosphere for a bathroom, use blues and greens, whereas to create an energising environment such as a home office, opt for a bright yellow tone.

5. Bold patterns

Wallpaper with patterns such as floral, chevron, or zebra print, can create a focal wall. Depending on your taste, you could opt for loud clashing prints or a simple and muted pattern.  

Alternatively, incorporate pattern with cushions, blankets, and rugs. Vinyl prints can also update your home with patterns temporarily, so you can switch it up whenever you’re ready for a new style. 

6. Keepsakes and interests 

Displaying photographs of happy memories can help make a property feel more like home. You could also show some of your holiday souvenirs, trophies you’re proud of, or memorabilia from your wedding.

Whether you’re a bookworm, a film buff, or a music lover, express your interests by scattering evidence of your hobbies across your home.   

7. Ambient lighting 

Lighting is more than just functional as it can transform a room’s vibe. If you only have bright overhead lighting, you’ll struggle to relax, so to create a more comforting atmosphere, add stylish lamps and fairy lights to the room. 

For an extra burst of personality, display a colourful neon sign that reads one of your favourite quotes or phrases.  

8. Greenery

Houseplants bring vitality to your home and create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. While large houseplants can make a statement, smaller plants can enhance the existing aesthetic. There is a plant to suit every interior style, such as a majesty palm for a bohemian design and a fiddle leaf fig for a coastal look.  

Plants could even help you wind down as it’s believed they can help improve your sleep and encourage positive and calming feelings. 

9. Flooring 

Although floors are often the last design consideration for many, it shouldn’t be. The floor is often the focal point of a room and has the potential to spoil or elevate the overall aesthetic. There’s no point decorating the entire room if you don’t remove tired, stained, and dated carpet too. 

Your flooring can either complement your design or make a statement. Make the carpet or rug the room’s stand-out feature with bold patterns and colours, while modern and stylish hardwood allows the surrounding decor to retain the focus.

10. Scents

Adding a fragrance that you love is the final touch in personalising your home. Whether you prefer floral, citrus, or spicy scents, pick something that will instantly fill you with joy. Your friends and family will come to associate this scent with you, so make sure it represents your taste. 

Similarly to music, an aroma can help create a certain mood, whether it’s in the form of candles, diffusers, or rooms sprays. Lavender and jasmine can help create a relaxing environment, perfect for the bathroom or bedroom. For a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, opt for clove, vanilla, cinnamon, or pine scents. 

Whether your style is minimalist or maximalist, there are endless opportunities to add personality to your house so that it feels like a home. It doesn’t have to involve a design overhaul either if you aren’t looking to redecorate. Instead, you can transform your home with accessories, lighting, scents, and plants.

10 Tips for Injecting Personality into Your Home

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