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Have you ever heard of “Sick Building Syndrome?” If not, you are not alone.

We all tend to think of our homes as uplifting, comfortable, positive places, where good things happen and bad things are more or less kept at bay. And yet, our homes are often not actually very healthy places.

If your home is chronically dusty, contains mould spores in the air, is damp, and is subject to any number of other sometimes-subtle problems, your health may take a real blow as a result.

Since we tend to spend so much of our time at home, and since we often don’t think about our homes in terms of how they may affect our health, here are some suggestions on how to make your home a healthier place.

Invest in air purifying plants, and maybe a HEPA filter

The space agency, NASA, once conducted a “Clean Air Study”, to determine different ways to purify the air in space stations.

The study came to some surprising conclusions – specifically, that many common houseplants are very effective at clearing the air of all sorts of contaminants and pollutants – sometimes quite serious ones, too.

It’s worth doing some research to find out which of the plants on the list most appeal to you, so that you can then bring them into your home.

The air we breathe is absolutely vital to our health, but unless it smells bad, we often completely neglect to even think about it.

In addition to air purifying plants, consider picking up a HEPA air filter. These filters help to remove dust, pet fur, and other common irritants from the air.

Tidy the place up, and dust and vacuum regularly

Some types of furniture, and home features, are simply less likely to accumulate dust and mess than others. For example, when looking at hybrid floors at Carpet One, you may well be able to identify a flooring option that significantly reduces the accumulation of dust and mess in your home.

You should take whatever steps you can to reduce dust in your home through the kind of furniture you include, but you also need to dust and vacuum regularly.

Some of us are allergic to dust mites, but even those who aren’t, are likely to suffer negative health effects from an overly dusty environment.

Arrange things in a way that makes you happy, and get rid of the stuff that makes you unhappy

Chronic irritation, not to mention unhappiness, will do you a lot of harm.

When we are stressed or depressed, our physiology is affected. Our organs underperform and can even be damaged, and our hormones are likely to be thrown into disarray.

Aside from this, however, there are also behavioural consequences. When we feel bad, we’re far less likely to take care of ourselves properly.

Arrange things in your home in a way that makes you happy, and get rid of the stuff that makes you unhappy. It might do you a lot of good.

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