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Who needs mindfulness practice in 2021? You, that’s “Who”. You enter your school, college, or office but something has changed. You are packed with a face mask, hand wash, or sanitisers. Although, it protects you from the virus, at what cost? Do you feel your mental health to be compromised? Have you been isolated in this new way of living? If you struggle with focusing and are restless, something needs to be done.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness means “feeling the moment”. It refers to keeping track of every single moment as you fully live through it. As different crystals have their unique importance, you may choose a crystal of your choice. Keeping your belief strong while you use these crystals can be a deciding factor. In a single sentence? Stop and smell the air!

Research shows that poor mental health can lead to a condition where you fear the future and regret your past. Mindfulness practices help you tackle this condition. They allow you to live in the present. As a result, you enjoy the little things in life. After all, it’s the detail that matters! So to feel relaxed, content, and satisfied with your situation, invest some time in mindfulness practices.

Numerous practices help you reach a higher conscience level. From yoga and meditation to a simple stroll down the street. You can practice mindfulness in multiple ways. However, in many cultures, crystals made of natural stones have their importance. People use these crystals for mindfulness purposes. Some crystals help you focus and concentrate.

In the technology-driven modern world, mindfulness can be a difficult state to achieve. I bring you 5 Mindfulness crystals that you can use to tackle the growing stress in this time of the pandemic.

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Mindfulness vs Meditation – Fine Lines

Once the crystals become a part of your tea talk, spirituality joins the party. This is where the question arises, how is mindfulness different from meditation? To answer this question, let’s dive into the meaning of mindfulness. Compared to meditation, mindfulness is all about acceptance. It helps you become aware of your thoughts and inner feelings without being judged. It is how you accept your current condition and focus on the little things.

However, meditation is different. It is the awareness of everything and nothing. With meditation, you have no particular goal. You just set out on a journey and expect to start feeling more concentrated. Mindfulness is more specific with what it does.

Mindfulness is a state of existence that can be polished. It isn’t a God-gifted talent. You can practice and perfect mindfulness. As a result, your ability to keep your focus is strengthened.

Mindfulness in Stressful Situations

Seriously? Do you expect yourself to care about mindfulness when your favourite cup just smashed on the floor? Mindfulness teaches you to stay calm in such situations. When things get tough, mindfulness will give you the necessary strength to face your challenges. It helps you stay focused and highly motivated.

By using a crystal, you can be a step closer to lowering your stress levels. While picking a crystal personally is recommended, we all know that due to the restrictions of the pandemic shopping outside may not be possible, but there are countless esoteric shops online like where you can find crystals. The 5 types of crystals most effective for mindfulness practices are mentioned in this article. As every crystal has its significance, you can choose the one that perfectly suits you.

1.    Malachite


Have you been trying to suppress your toxic thoughts? Do you often find yourself struggling with anxiety? Malachite helps you tone down your stress levels. It does so by bringing them to the surface so you can solve them for once. It allows you to break old exhausting cycles where negative energies have settled in. As a result, you become truly aware of your surroundings. As it is often said that you are your best judge. Malachite gives you the eye to see your flaws and face them with courage.

Zodiac: Pisces/Sagittarius/Scorpio

2.    Calcite


Calcite is known for its ability to promote concentration. It stimulates your thinking process so you feel a certain calm all the time. This crystal creates a feeling of hope, courage, and self-confidence. So no more struggling at the hands of stress. This stone removes all the negative energies that have roots deep inside of you. This is a great tool before starting meditation. It will make your meditation and mindfulness practice highly effective. Hence, invest in calcite to feel the fruit of real mindfulness and a higher concentration level.

Zodiac: Cancer

Mangano Calcite is a beautiful pinkish crystal that is associated with Angels. It contains a soft gentle loving energy that inspires healing, forgiveness and unconditional love.

3.    Obsidian


Psychic vacuum cleaner – That’s what this crystal is commonly called. Obsidian is not only gorgeous in its looks but also great at absorbing the negative forces. It cleans your conscience from irritation and anxiety. As a result, you are left with a calm and grounded aura. With this stone, you will feel a certain sense of quiet in your heart. As if, all the storms have settled down. Obsidian is also known to work against emotional baggage and a bad past. Such properties can be great to help you focus and promote mindfulness. The next time you want to practice mindfulness, have obsidian around you.

Zodiac: Sagittarius and Scorpio

4.    Turquoise


With a rich historic background, Turquoise is a stone used for centuries now. It was well known in the holistic healing communities for its metaphysical abilities. It restores physical, mental, and spiritual balance in your life. Turquoise gives you the strength to speak the truth and gives you courage. As a result, you can overcome your negative behaviours. Other than that, this crystal allows you to embrace the truth of the moment. So you live in the present and bury the past. This gives you a sense of self-acceptance as you are satisfied with your present.

Zodiac: Sagittarius

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5.    Carnelian


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This is a crystal of acceptance. It gives you the courage to accept your reality and helps promote self-confidence. Hence, this is a wonderful aid when you are practising mindfulness. It helps you develop a strong focus which otherwise is hard to achieve. Focus is the most powerful ingredient of mindfulness. Hence, Carnelian is quite relevant when you start your evening mindfulness practice.

Zodiac: Cancer/Aries/Leo

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If you are always in the pursuit of achieving better in this world, why settle for mediocrity when it comes to spirituality? Your spirituality is like a bride. You must adorn it with all types of additional jewels. Bringing crystals in your mindfulness practice can beautify and strengthen your results. Stargazing or long walks might be the same for all, but crystals bring you a sense of personalization. Everyone has their crystal preferences. So, personalize your mindfulness practices to achieve the calm your life lacks.

5 Mindfulness crystals that you can use to tackle the growing stress in this time of the pandemic.

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