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5 Reasons You Don’t Have As Much Money As You’d Like


Take a look at your finances. Do you have as much money as you’d like to have? Maybe you don’t even need to look at them to know that you don’t have as much as you want. If you don’t have as much money as you’d like to have in your accounts, there could actually be a few reasons for this. Below, we’ll discuss 5 of these reasons so you can start making changes:


  1. You’re In A Lack Mindset

A lack mindset is the mindset of a lot of people these days; even people who have financial abundance can be in a lack mindset! This is simply when you feel like you’ll never have enough money. If you can’t be grateful for what you have, if you feel desperate for money, if you’re always thinking about the things you want but can’t get right now, you’re in a lack mindset.

The key to having more money is turning this mindset around. Being able to cultivate an abundance mindset before you even have a substantial amount in your bank is important. You will need to completely change the stories you tell yourself until you believe that a new reality is possible for you and that you appreciate everything you have.


  1. You Haven’t Created A Budget

Creating a budget and sticking to it is a must. This is the only way you can make sure that you have enough cash for all of your bills, and that you’ve allocated your money out evenly in other ways. You need to know how much you have coming in, how much is going out, what you spend on food, fuel, etc. Giving yourself a small amount of pocket money, and then putting cash into savings and investments is a good idea too. You can’t do this without creating a budget, as it’s unlikely you’ll remember your numbers accurately enough.


  1. You’re Borrowing Money That You Struggle To Pay Back

Borrowing money is fine if you know you can pay it back. Taking out payday loans isn’t something you should be doing every week, but something that can help you in a real emergency. However, if you find yourself constantly borrowing money that you’re unable to pay back, it’s a sign that your money management skills are off. You need to consider whether this money is for real emergencies, whether it can wait, and realistically when you will have the money to give back.


  1. You’re Not Being Proactive

Want more money? Then do other things, too. Sell your talents on the side. Ask for more hours at work or a pay rise. Look for a new job. Being proactive is key! However, having your mindset in the right place first is crucial if you want great results.


  1. You Don’t Even Know How Much Money You’d Like

How can you have ‘more money’ if you don’t know how much more you want? It’s a little vague, isn’t it? Come up with your ideal future and then make a plan from there. All you have to do is take baby steps in the right direction!

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5 Reasons You Don't Have As Much Money As You'd Like

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