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Ah, beer. It gives us so much: flavour, memorable social encounters, and money. What, wait: money? We thought it was the other way around – doesn’t beer drain your bank account? Well yes, it can do, but it’s also true that it can be a moneymaker! While you won’t get rich from making your own beer, it can provide a comfortable income, and – who are we kidding? – it’s a fun way to spend your days. If the idea of setting up your own nano or micro-brewery sounds like heaven, then check out the tips below.

5 Tips For Starting Your Own Brewery

Start in the Garage

It takes a lot of effort to develop a successful brewery, but there’s one thing that’ll help you: making delicious beer that people want to drink! There’s no substitute for taste when it comes to a quality beverage. Like most things, it takes time to become a master beer maker, and you can’t do it without passion. So get brewing your beer for the fun of it, not because you want to one day sell it. Start in your garage, learn the process, develop your tastes, and then thinking about moving on to bigger things.

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Get Funding

It’s not cheap to set up a brewery. There are plenty of costs involved, and even setting up a small place needs a significant injection of cash. So when you’re thinking about stepping up to getting your own place, investigate your funding options. For various reasons, some banks can be reluctant to give loans for this type of business, though that might change as they begin to realise that the industry is booming.

Get the Right Set-Up

Making beer that you intend to sell to the public is much different than making it for your own consumption at home. For starters, everything’s much larger – you’re not making 50 beers anymore, but hundreds. Also, there’ll be an extra emphasis on quality control, and safety. As such, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality brewery hose, filtering system, and cleaning system to ensure that your brews always meet the highest of standards. It can sound intimidating, but you don’t actually need all that much equipment at the beginning, though there’ll always be the option to add more and more equipment to your setup later on.

Start Small

You’re not going to set up and produce thousands of beers, and even if you could, you shouldn’t. In the early days, it’s better to start small. This will help you to get to grips with all that running a microbrewery entails, and also ensure that you’re getting each beer just right before it’s sold to the public. If you grow too fast, too quickly, then you’ll only give yourself problems.

Finally, you’ll want to promote your brewery with events, tastings, and the like. If people like the taste of your beer, then word will spread in no time.

If the idea of setting up your own nano or micro-brewery sounds like heaven, then check out these tips.

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