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Australia, a land of dreams and adventures. One of the best countries everyone is eyeing to travel to, especially backpackers. From the great Opera House in Sydney, heritage museums, beautiful theme parks to protected marine parks, the country seems to be every traveller’s dream destination.

Famous for its clean sandy beaches and surfing spots, Australia also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure junkies and scores top billing on bucket lists around the world. 

In this article, we discuss the many water adventures one can experience when visiting Australia

People in swimming pool near the sea


Swimming is the most popular all-around water activity in the world and, over time, this serves as a hobby or exercise for anyone who wants to lose weight. Whether in the swimming pool or beaches, it is still enjoyable and fun to do especially in beautiful places.

For the casual swimmer simply looking to relax, try the beaches at Bondi and Manly. These are popular destinations, and they’re well-known for their picturesque views. If you want to do the ultimate adventure, try a swimming tour across Australia’s 12,000 glorious beaches.

For the avid swimmer looking to add more thrill to their activities, we recommend trying open-water swimming. And Australia is the perfect destination for it. With ocean life being an integral part of the Aussie lifestyle, you won’t run out of options if you decide to try your hand at this sport.


Fishing is one of the prominent and oldest techniques people do as a part of their living and livelihood. Who would have thought that it can be a hobby? Aussies living in urban towns with a hectic daily life describe fishing as a peaceful hobby and one of the best ways to spend some time in nature with friends and family.

Australia’s Gold Coast, in particular, is home to a wide variety of species including snapper, tuna, cobia, mackerel, kingfish, blue marlin, tusk fish and many more that make for great catches during fishing trips. One of the common in the area is the deep sea fishing charters. 

It can be an exciting and thrilling experience you can have with anyone. Don’t worry if you are not highly skilled in the art of fishing because most companies that specialize in fishing tours provide a detailed and safety briefing to help you set up while onboard.

Person scuba diving, taking a photo of a turtle.

Scuba diving

One of the best spots for scuba diving in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. It is the world’s largest coral reef and considered as heart and soul of diving in Australia. Don’t miss the chance to catch a glimpse of thousands of fishes in their natural habitat, swim alongside gentle mammals and even experience watching breathtaking aquatic creatures. Hence, this is worth exploring and a life-changing experience for scuba divers. 

Do note that scuba diving is one of the most grueling water sports and it is not enough that you know how to swim. It requires your physical strength and technical know-how about the water.

If this is your first-time scuba diving, taking the short course offered by most scuba diving organizers. Not only would it help you explore and enjoy the jaw-dropping experience and be able to dive into a whole new world of adventure, it would also ensure that you’re completely safe when doing so.

Additionally, it’s not just anytime that you can come to go for a dive. Australia has four seasons a year so you need to plan your trip ahead of time. The best time to go diving is from June to October, also considered as the peak season. During this time the underwater world will not disappoint you. Rainfall is rare, diving locations have clearer waters and better diving conditions.

Aqua Jetpack Flying 

Have you ever wondered about flying like your favourite superheroes? Well, feel the adrenaline rush and get that checked off your bucket list. Make that dream come true in Australia. It is the newest and coolest water sports adventure you can try to indulge in when you visit Australia. It is considered to be an extreme water adventure that will give you thrills and chills along the adventure.


Last but definitely not least, go for a good ole’ surfing trip in Australia. Who would not be addicted to water surfing when your travel destination has the best surfing beaches in the world? Great waves mean a great time for surfing. Dancing with the waves using the surfboard and taming the water waves to let you ride on them are the incomparable pleasures you can feel in this adventure. That is why tourists and locals are alike in terms of their obsession with surfing. 

5 fantastic water adventures one can experience when visiting Australia.

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