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Adopting the vegan way of life has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with consumers investing more of their time researching the brands they buy, the beauty industry is evolving and answering the consumer’s demands. Vegan-friendly products appear to be hitting the market at a record rate as animal lovers are spoiled for choice by brands embracing cruelty-free beauty items that don’t contain animal products. Trying to find a vegan-friendly foundation used to be a challenge, but now there is a wide range of options that cover all skin types, colours, and beauty styles without harming the environment and animals. Five tried and tested foundations suitable for the beauty-conscious vegan are found below.

A woman applying foundation

Illamasque – Skin Base Foundation

Skin Base by Illamasque is perfect for light, natural coverage. While touted as suitable for all skin types, it can have a habit of clinging to any dry spots on the skin, so you may find it more suited to normal-oily skin. A small amount of product applied is all it takes for a full day’s wear, and if the ‘no make-up look’ look is what the wearer is after, then this vegan-friendly foundation does not disappoint. A great, long-lasting foundation.

The Ordinary-Serum Foundation

The Ordinary Serum Foundation wouldn’t be out of place in the budget category, but its quality feels anything but budget. If you are a vegan watching the pennies, then this may be the one for you. This foundation creates amazing coverage on blemished skin while not feeling as though it is suffocating the skin. Plus, with 21 shades available to choose from, you are likely to find a perfect match for your skin tone.

KVD – Vegan Beauty Lock-It Foundation

It should come as no surprise to the seasoned vegan that KVD’s vegan-friendly make-up range also includes foundation. Lock-It Foundation provides high coverage. This is reflected in its thicker-than-normal application of foundation. Best suited for normal to oily skin, it can help mask the oily sheen that can sometimes appear through other foundations. While some with dry skin may find it suitable, after a good exfoliation, it can sometimes cling to dry patches on the skin, so maybe avoid it if this is your skin type.

Charlotte Tilbury – Holywood Flawless Filter Foundation

A make-up artist to the stars, Charlotte Tilbury knows what the consumer wants with her Holywood Flawless Filter foundation. This foundation is a must-have for all ages, from teens to grandmothers. The dewy look achieved with this lightweight foundation creates a fresh-faced complexion. Gliding onto the skin, the application of Holywood Flawless Filter is like a silky dream. A little bit on the higher end of the budget, but worth it!

Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation

Another beauty classic, Born This Way by Too Faced is a staple for any make-up bag. With a whopping 35 shades available, the perfect match is a reality. Great for all-around skin types where high coverage is the aim, it is almost too good to be true that this is vegan-friendly.

From high coverage and dewy looks to low-budget and perfect matches, there is a foundation here for every animal-loving, make-up-wearing vegan. Want one or all of them it is clear that the lack of vegan-friendly foundations is now a thing of the past. At last!

Five tried and tested foundations suitable for the beauty-conscious vegan.

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