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Most make-up routines are not complete without a quick swish of mascara over the lashes. Yet, more and more people adapting their lifestyle to the vegan way of life can find it challenging to find a mascara that is both vegan-friendly and does what it says on the tin. Whether looking for voluminous lashes or day-long durability, here are five tried and tested, cruelty-free mascaras that will deliver on their promises and not harm our furry friends.

A woman applying mascara

KVD – Go Big or Go Home

A long-standing favourite vegan mascara with vegans and non-vegans alike, KVD’s Go Big or Go Home mascara doesn’t hold back on the drama. Self-described as extreme volume, it really does make the eyes pop. With a customized wand, it ensures that no lash is left uncoated, maximizing the wide-eye effect. As if that isn’t enough, Go Big or Go Home sticks loyally to the lashes keeping the panda eye look at bay. A great animal-friendly addition to the make-up bag.

This vegan mascara can be shipped to the UK from the KVD website or found in Boots and on Amazon although it often goes out of stock quickly.

Florence by Mills – Built to Lash

Built to Lash from Florence by Mills is perfect to add to the collection for those of us who love a super pigmented mascara to give a bold, black colour to the lashes. This vegan mascara lovingly enriches the lashes with rose wax to help condition and lengthen. Perfect for those aiming for a long lash look while treating the eyes to some TLC.

Nude by Nature Allure – Defining Mascara

Another vegan mascara designed to nourish those lashes, Defining Mascara from Nude by Nature Allure oozes vitamins. Letting brittle, broken lashes be a thing of the past, Defining Mascara enhances lash health and helps with self-care. An excellent staple to have in the kit when needing a boost.

Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara

It’s a bold name, but Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara may not actually be lying. Lengthening, check. Volumizing, check. Curling, check. Thickening, check. The vegan mascara wish list is all checked off, and Too Faced delivers on all of its promises. Add it to the cart!

E.L.F – Waterproof, Lengthening, and Volumizing Mascara

Last but certainly not least, E.L.F’s Waterproof, Lengthening, and Volumizing Mascara may be in the budget bracket, but it certainly holds its own. This beauty enhances the flutter by lengthening lashes. With an ergonomic wand, the application is a dream once you get the hang of it and scoop up even the tiniest of lashes. Perfect for the vegan on a budget.

Struggling to find animal-friendly vegan mascaras that deliver on their promises is now no more. From budget and volumizing to nourishing and lengthening, there has never been a better time to find a range of vegan-friendly mascaras. Something our animal friends will no doubt be thankful for.

Five tried and tested, cruelty-free vegan mascaras that will deliver on their promises and not harm our furry friends.

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