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One minute you’re strolling down the road with your long locks blowing in the wind looking like a conquistador returning from the New World, and the next minute you’re sporting a bald spot that will make those medieval friars blush.

Almost 70% of men around the world are going to go through some kind of balding or hair thinning in their life, but for some reason, media always portrays men as having full heads of hair no matter their age.

It sucks, and it’s a huge blow to men’s egos, but let me tell you: it’s not the end of the world. Here are some ways to regain your confidence once you start seeing your hairline recede and your bald spot growing:

Treat Your Hair Right (At Least, What’s Left of It)

Bald is Beautiful

Just because you’re starting to thin out at the top doesn’t mean you stop taking care of it. Just like a beloved elderly family member, you need to give your hair the best quality of life in its twilight years.

This means *treating your scalp right because once the hair falls off, you’re going to want a supple, shiny dome that people can check their reflection on. *Use organic shampoo for dandruff, preferably one with Argan oil, even if you don’t have any flakes (remember: prevention is better than the cure) and use natural conditioners that will make your hair more supple and give it extra volume.

Find the Right Hairstyle

Part of treating your hair right is also giving it the right style. This might be something you don’t want to hear, but need to stop growing your hair long if your hair is thin. It makes your bald and thin spots look more prominent, and honestly, it kind of makes you look like a creepy uncle (hey, I told you it was something you didn’t want to hear!).

Instead, go for hairstyles that are high and tight, meaning the sides and back of your head are either shaved down to the skin or faded from the top going down. This helps emphasize what little remaining hair you have left, which shifts it away from the thin and balding spots.

Facial Hair is Always Attractive

It’s hard to argue with growing a beard: it’s manly, it’s rugged, and it shifts focus away from your hair and down to your great badge of manliness. But keep it tidy! Remember that your beard is supposed to frame your face, not hide it. Yes, rocking a ZZ Top-worthy beard is a noble endeavour, but you need to keep everything tidy and neat so that you look more like a 70s rock star and less like a hermit in the woods.

And don’t just stop at a beard: check in on your eyelashes too. Men with long eyelashes are much more attractive to women, so keep those peepers and your brows on point by giving them some love from time to time.

You Need to Accept Your Fate

It’s just hair. Yes, the right hair makes a difference, but you don’t have to feel bad about losing your mane. Be confident, be proud, and remember: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is bald, and he’s a badass. Be a badass, my friend.

Bald? Maintain Your Confidence despite Losing Hair

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