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So you launched your own business, and until now have been running it pretty much single-handedly, or with a small team by your side. However, now that your business has begun to grow, you’ve realised that you need to put a team in place to help give your venture the very best chance of success. And, of course, with a team comes the need for an understanding of HR, which isn’t always easy to understand.

Wondering what it takes to add an HR team to your small business? Have a read of the tips and advice below!

Biz Talk Starting Out With HR

Focus on what you require from an HR team

When hiring an HR team you need to make sure you are hiring the right members of staff to do the things you want your HR team to do. So if you want them to deal with accounts and paying your other members of staff then you need to hire people with accounting backgrounds.

If you want HR to deal with recruitment then you need to hire staff that has a recruitment background and so on.

Hiring the right HR team will mean you do not have to waste resources training and monitoring your new staff, you can just set them to work and they will be able to get on with it and need very little guidance.

HR stands for human resources so they will be the point of contact for your employees to get things done, which takes the pressure of you and the business owner.

Because they will be dealing with your staff regularly then you need to make sure you are hiring staff that are easy to talk and approachable to make it easy for your staff to communicate with them.

Think about how you’ll hire

Before even hiring your new HR staff you need to come up with the best ways you can recruit them. With modern technology, we have plenty of ways to recruit such as putting adverts up online, putting it on Linkedin or other social media platforms and recruitment events.

All these ways will help you find the right staff for you to recruit, they allow you to tailor the recruitment procedure to only allow certain levels of qualifications and experience to make sure you do not have sieve through a high number of unsuitable applicants.

When using social media it is harder to narrow it down to just the area where the job is, as it can get shared so much, whereas a local even will have local people looking for jobs which will help you keep it narrowed down to the correct area and also allows you to meet people before they even get to the interview which helps you to get to know them more.

Recruiting correctly is really important especially if it is for your HR team who will help you keep your business running correctly and help you with your other employees.

When recruiting it can be hard to make the right decisions and find the right people. If you follow the hints and tips here you should find it easier to recruit and set up your HR team.

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