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I’ve created this handy free blogging bundle containing four A4 sized pdf sheets for you to use with your blog to help you keep organised.

Blogging bundle

To-Do List Printable

There is always something to do when you’re a blogger, I am always adding to my to-do list.

This to-do list printable can be dated and has a priority section at the top, followed by a to-do list for all your other tasks beneath it.

Once you’ve finished each task you can tick the box to show that it’s completed.

It doesn’t have to be used solely for blogging, use it for anything such as a packing list or shopping list, e.t.c.

Affiliate Information Printable

Take note of all the affiliate sites that you have accounts with. Note down the name, web address, an affiliate link and login details.

Blogger’s who monetise their sites tend to have lots of affiliate accounts and it’s impossible to remember all the details and login information, this sheet will help you with that.

Blog Post Ideas Printable

When I have an idea for a blog post and don’t write it down the minute it comes into my head, it gets forgotten.

This is where my blog post ideas printable comes in handy. Just jot down any ideas that come into your head on this sheet, then go back to it later when you’re ready to start writing.

Blog Statistics Printable

Keep a monthly record of how your blog is performing, then look back to see how much it has grown and see if it needs work in certain areas.

Note down the figures from your social accounts, Moz and Google Analytics:

  • DA -Domain Authority
  • PA – Page Authority
  • Page Views
  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Twitter Followers
  • FB Page likes
  • FB Group Members
  • Instagram Followers
  • Pinterest Followers
  • YouTube
  • Email Subscribers

Why not store your printed sheets in a handy ring binder?*

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