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Excel experts can provide spreadsheet solutions that will save your business time, money, and effort. When working with your company, they can produce a reliable and robust spreadsheet that is easy to use, helps you see the current status of your business, and advises on planning for the future.

Improve Your Productivity And Business Forecasting

Excel experts can provide a range of services to ‘supercharge’ your use of spreadsheet workbooks and deliver the increase in productivity and business planning advantages they offer. You can use these services for error fixing and repairing spreadsheets that appear to have stopped working with a minimal loss of data.

One recent report from auditors checking the accuracy of company data indicated as many as 88 per cent of spreadsheets developed for businesses contain some errors. If you have an existing worksheet that you are happy with but you know there are some inherent errors, Excel consultants can apply their experience and knowledge to improve the spreadsheet and your processes.

Much of the analytical power of Excel is in the use of formulae to manipulate data in its worksheets. The complexity of some spreadsheets means they need advanced formulae to work properly and give you the information you want, whether you’re doing inventory on Sentek pH electrode replacements or tracking the results of your pH tests. An expert Excel user should have the relevant experience and knowledge needed to build in the complex code to make the data work for you.

These experts can also optimise the functionality of your information. If you regularly move data between different documents, applications or systems, for example, if you transfer data from a purchase order system to stock records and then add in data from customer orders, there is often corrupt, faulty, or redundant data. Fixing these issues can be a lengthy, time-consuming process that is often error-prone. This can be automated, which will speed transfers up and reduce errors.

Create A Professional Excel Dashboard For Your Business

Spreadsheets and other data processes can be optimised by creating new and more efficient spreadsheets for your business that meet your data processing requirements and internal processes. An expert will also be able to automate spreadsheets that are consistently used within your business such as collating time sheets or job sheets. This automation can improve efficiency and save time completing the current processes used in your firm.

One of the most useful features of Excel is the development of a professional Excel dashboard. An Excel dashboard is a front screen that can be produced to show key information for your business in graphical forms such as charts and graphs. These can be dynamic, meaning that they are updated as information is added to your systems giving you a ‘real-time’ picture of your business and its activities. An Excel expert can provide the ultimate spreadsheet customisation and automation, producing spreadsheets and data collection systems customised entirely to your business and working practices.

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