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Bullet journaling is easier to do if you have the tools you need for the job. However, that doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy the most expensive journal or purchase professional grade markers right away. Instead, start small by picking a few tools that are sturdy and won’t bust your budget. Here are a few bullet journal must-haves to consider…

The Bullet Journal

There are dozens of bullet journals available today. But there’s also an official Bullet Journal that was designed by Ryder Carroll, the creator of the original bullet journal. It comes with 249 numbered pages, a dot-grid layout, a 4-page index, and a built-in journal guide to help those who are new to bullet journaling.

A very popular choice for a bullet journal is the Leuchtturm 1917. Like the original journal, it comes with 249 numbered pages and a dot-grid layout. There’s also an envelope at the back of the journal where you can store notes and other information you might need. Even better, it comes in a variety of colours so you can choose the one that fits your personality.

You can also get a traveller’s notebook with dot-grid paper and use that to start your journal, too. This beautiful butterfly journal is a good option and you can pick up a few packs of re-fill paper to continue using it for years to come.

Pens & Pencils

Some people like using pens for their bullet journaling. But if you’re new to this creative endeavor, you might feel more comfortable starting with pencils. These Ticonderoga pencils are a good option for that.

Of course, there are also pens that can be useful for bullet journaling. Keep in mind that you’ll want pens with a fine tip to make it easy to connect the dots. Otherwise, your lines may not look as neat and precise as you’d like. Two good options for pens are the Sharpie Pens and the Beupro Fineliner Color Pen Set.

A Simple Ruler

Another supply you don’t want to forget about is a ruler. While you can use any ruler, try to find one that’s clear. Being able to see through your ruler will make it easier for you to turn your grid into boxes. A good ruler for this task is the eBoot Plastic Ruler. You may also want to grab Sparco Plastic Protractor if you plan on drawing circle graphs.

Various Art Supplies

Depending on how
creative you consider yourself, you may also want to gather art supplies that
you can use to decorate your bullet journal. Washi tape is a great way to add a
funky pattern or color to any page. Stickers can be useful for embellishing
your journal and some people also use as part of their bullet journal key.

You might also find Avery Mini Tabs helpful. They make it simple to find various entries in your bullet journal without needing to page through your index or hunt for an obscure entry.

While this list of bullet journal must-haves is meant to inspire you, don’t feel like you have to grab everything on it before you can start bullet journaling. It’s fine to begin your journal with what you have to hand and slowly buy what you need.

Bullet Journal Must-Haves

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