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Can You Make Construction Your Career?

If you fancy making the leap from full-time employee to being your own boss, you might be pondering a range of industries in which to make your mark. Everyone seems to have a friend who is taking the Internet by storm, you may know people who have managed to set up eBay empires, and you might have heard of a neighbour who has turned their back garden into a cat hotel.

Innovation and creativity are the two facets that can make or break a business venture. Consider what your strengths are and play to these. If you enjoy working with your hands, you have a wealth of DIY experience, and you have relevant qualifications, you may want to branch out into the construction trade. As the population is increasing, homes, offices, and buildings are needed more than ever. Take a look at how you could make construction your money making business venture.



Health and safety certificates and relevant insurances need to be secured before you even attempt to start trading. Construction is a dangerous field in which to work, so it’s vital that your own qualifications are up to scratch and that you understand all relevant legislation. If you employ labourers or other tradespeople, it’s important that you ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities legally. As well as safety legislation, you’ll need to check environmental laws depending on what part of the country you are working in.



When you are just starting out in the world of construction, you may be completing smaller jobs to ensure that your cash flow is buoyant. You may have gone to a local property auction and secured some cheap real estate that needs renovating, an old derelict building that could be turned into some swanky new warehouse apartments or even a patch of land that, given the appropriate planning permission, could net you a handsome profit once you’ve built an office block on it.

How are you going to complete projects when you need an initial injection of a large sum of money? You could consider hiring the larger pieces of equipment you need such as diggers or excavators. If you head to a site like, you can investigate hiring mobile cranes and even expert individuals to operate them. This allows you to work with a high standard of equipment without having to commit an initial outlay to purchase such expensive stock.



As with any new business venture, you need to make sure you line up your financial ducks in a row. If you need investment, seek out business angels like the ones listed at or attempt the crowdfunding route as an alternative to the bank. Business angels can come on board with their expertise as well as their money. Crowdfunding also enables you to generate a following online, expand your exposure and carve out a niche.

Construction may not be the first industry you think of when it comes to self-employment options. However, with commitment, expertise, and hard work, you could make your mark within the construction sector.

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