Can You Make Money With MLM?

Can you make money with MLM?

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Can you make money with MLM?

Disclaimer: Can you make money with MLM? These are my own thoughts from my own experience with MLM.

The answer to can you make money with MLM (multi-level marketing) is yes and no. I do know people who are making a lot of money and have built very large teams.

You do have to be dedicated and put a lot of work into it. It is definitely not a get rich scheme, it takes time and effort, so don’t be mislead that you can achieve a very high income in a short space of time.

80% of people who join an MLM company give up.

Personally, I think if there are quite a few people at the top levels, then it is a lot harder to get to the position they are in. If there are hundreds and thousands of distributors, it’s a lot harder to compete.

I’ve tried various different companies and there’s a pattern with some that I recommend you do not do or get yourself into.

If you find yourself paying out of your own pocket every month just to reach a certain promotion or there is pressure to sell a certain amount each month I advise you to avoid. Go and look for something better where there is no pressure. Do your homework before you join. Make sure they are transparent with any fees they charge.

If your upline tells you, you can’t make anything by selling and that recruiting is the only way to go then avoid.  You’ll find yourself constantly trying to recruit people who will fail because they can’t sell anything either. They will also end up buying products out of their own pockets.

You do need a good range of products that sell well so that you can make retail income, then the more retail sales you have you’ll find that you receive commissions on your own sales. Once you’ve achieved that then start recruiting and build it up that way. Have something to show the people you recruit is the best way in my opinion. Show them that the products sell.

How can you promote an opportunity when you can’t sell anything yourself?

This just doesn’t work, does it? At the end of the day, you need to have reasonably priced products and be selling your products on a regular basis to customers.

This brings me to another point. If there is no product to sell, then avoid like the plague. These are pyramid schemes and are illegal.

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Can You Make Money With MLM?


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