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  • Do I Need To Register With The HMRC?

    When to register with the HMRC

    If you start working for yourself you may ask the question do I need to register with the HMRC? If you’re selling goods or providing a service earning money then you are classed as a sole trader and are self-employed.  You will need to register with the HMRC if your gross income is over £1000. […]

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  • Create A Freewebstore E-commerce Website

    Create A Freewebstore E-commerce Website

    I’ve tried and tested quite a few e-commerce platforms over the years. There was always some feature that I wanted that wasn’t available, or the subscription was too expensive. If you’re just starting out selling online, I recommend trying Freewebstore e-commerce, here are my reasons why. I tried Freewebstore when they first started their business […]

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  • Udemy Online Courses

    Udemy Online Courses

    Would you like to learn a new skill, advance your career and pursue your passion, but don’t want to pay out hundreds of pounds for a course? *Udemy online courses are a great way to get you started. I came across Udemy last year, it’s the World’s largest marketplace for teaching and learning. I purchased […]

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  • FreeAgent The Accounting Software I Recommend

    FreeAgent The Accounting Software I Recommend

    When you run a business no matter what size it is you need to keep your accounts in order. FreeAgent is the accounting software I recommend and use for my business. FreeAgent has been around since 2007. One thing that attracted me to this company is that the software calculates your self-assessment liability. When it’s […]

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