Eco-Friendly Living

Help the planet by changing the way you live with eco-friendly living. Even the smallest changes to your lifestyle go a long way towards a greener world.

  • Protecting the Planet after COVID-19

    Protecting the Planet after COVID-19

    During the COVID-19 epidemic, which has taken the lives of millions around the world, we were all in lockdown. This was extremely hard, resulting in the UK economy decreasing by 20% and loss of liberty. The price of an oil barrel went down to zero and the global markets were all down. America had the […]

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  • What you can do About Your Plastic Toothbrush

    What you can do about your plastic toothbrush

    When it comes to plastic pollution, many people are trying to find alternatives. For instance, one might bring a reusable canvas bag to the store instead of bringing a plastic one. But what about your toothbrush? Well, let’s look into that now. The harms with plastic toothbrushes In North America alone, they toss out 1 […]

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  • 4 Steps To A Paperless Home

    4 steps to a paperless home

    Is it really possible to have a paperless home? With the junk mail that arrives through your letterbox each day, and with the amount of paper you probably have stored in your home already, it might seem like a bit of an impossibility.  However, in an effort to both declutter and tidy your home, as […]

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  • Self-Sufficiency Is The Future

    Self-Sufficiency Is The Future

    Collaborative post. In October 2018, Storm Callum took the UK by surprise, grounding several flights as a result of the heavy rain and strong winds. Its effects were devastating on countless businesses and households, as it left numerous properties – both residential and commercial – without electricity across southwest England and Wales. In the Republic […]

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