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How to Bring Up the Prenup

How to Bring Up the Prenup

Collaborative post. Prenuptial agreements are appearing more frequently between millennial couples. Among the reasons why prenups are on the rise include millennials are getting married later in life, so they tend to have more assets that inevitably become conjugal property. Many of them are also the product of divorced parents, so they see the possibility […] Read more…

How Can You Look After Elderly Relatives In Lockdown?

How Can You Look After Elderly Relatives In Lockdown?

As the world enters another week of lockdown conditions in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the fuller implications of so much time out of our normal daily routines are beginning to show. There is a lot of interest on the impact of the situation on our personal relationships –  within marriages and partnerships, with […] Read more…

8 Fun Homeschooling Resources

8 Fun Online Homeschooling Resources

With everyone forced into lockdown and having to homeschool their children, where do we go when we need a bit of help with the homework set by teachers? I’ve put together a list of 8 fun homeschooling resources that can assist you and your children with learning during Covid19 and beyond, helping you to survive […] Read more…

7 Activities and Courses to do From Home

7 Activities and Courses to do From Home

With every one of us having to spend a lot of time at home due to the current pandemic, boredom can often set in especially if we have nothing to do but sit at home and watch tv. I’m writing this post in the middle of the lockdown. The best way to combat boredom is […] Read more…

Get your kids off the couch.

Get Your Kids Off the Couch!

Overweight kids grow up to be obese adults, but you can keep your kids from gaining too much weight with a bit of exercise. Of course, normal exercise routines won’t work on kids, so you have to incorporate physical activity into playtime or sports. Kids and Tots One of the worst things you can do […] Read more…

3 Ways for Parents to Engage Reluctant Readers

Rallying Reluctant Readers to Read: Tips for Parents

For some kids, reading comes naturally. They grow up loving words, and you always have a hard time prying books from their hands. Unfortunately for others, reading is a chore and not something they enjoy doing. While it’s perfectly normal for kids not to love reading, those who actively avoid it are developing problems in […] Read more…

Here are some ideas for the best maternity clothes to wear.

The Best Maternity Clothes To Wear

When you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still care about your appearance. In fact, when you’re feeling hormonal and down, a good shopping trip for stylish maternity clothes may be exactly what you need to perk you up. Here are some ideas for the best maternity clothes to wear. Avoid Large and Baggy […] Read more…

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