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  • Gazumping, A Guide For Home Buyers

    For anyone looking to purchase a property, gazumping can be extremely problematic. To find out more about this practice, and what you can do to limit the chances of being gazumped, read on…  What is gazumping?  Gazumping is the term used to describe a situation whereby an offer for a property has been submitted and […]

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  • Dress Your Coffee Table Like An Interior Designer

    Dress Your Coffee Table Like An Interior Designer

    If you’ve ever picked up an interior design magazine and taken a look at the pictures, you’ll have noticed something: impeccably dressed coffee tables. They’re everywhere. But why? It turns out that for many people, the coffee table is the centerpiece of the room. It’s the object around which all other living room furniture congregates. […]

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  • Bin There – How to Tidy Up Your Home For Spring

    Bin There - How to Tidy Up Your Home For Spring

    While it’s nice to have a clean and tidy house throughout the seasons, there is just something about making sure that everything is sparkling right before spring. The sun will be out a bit more, after all, revealing every dirty spot on your windows – and the extra sunlight gives us the energy we need […]

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  • A Who’s Who Guide To House Purchases

    A Who's Who Guide To House Purchases

    If you’ve never sold a home before, or you are more of a seasoned renter, the thought of selling up and then buying a new little patch of bricks and mortar can be terrifying. The whole process can seem complex, expensive and full of faceless professionals that you have no control over. These people handle […]

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