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  • Chocolate Energy Balls Recipe

    Chocolate Energy Balls

    A super simple and quick no-bake recipe to make healthy chocolate energy balls, great for a quick snack and a burst of energy. This recipe makes approximately 20 Servings Preparation time: 15 minutes Ingredients 1/4 cup sesame seeds1 cup mixed raw nuts¼ teaspoon Chia Seeds (incredible for longer-lasting energy)1/2 cup chopped pitted dates1/2 cup chopped […]

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  • Save Money – Don’t Move, Improve!

    Save Money - Don't Move, Improve!

    Due to the spiralling costs associated with moving house, many people are now choosing to stay put and extend their property. Gone are the days when you could automatically consider upgrading to a larger property when space becomes an issue. Extending and improving your current home doesn’t come cheap, but it will be a lot […]

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  • Weight Gain In Your 40’s

    Weight Gain In Your 40's

    Have you noticed weight gain in your 40’s? After coming back from my holiday and weighing myself, I nearly hit the floor seeing the scales at 10 st 1 lb! Some may think it’s not that bad, but I’ve never weighed that much. Gone are the days of being 8 st 7 lb when I was […]

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  • Reasons Your Teenage Daughter Should Own A Horse

    Reasons Your Teenage Daughter Should Own A Horse

    Has your teenage daughter been pestering you for a horse? At first, your answer may have been a resounding ‘no’ but now that she has asked for the millionth time, you are actually contemplating the idea. If this sounds familiar, the decision to go ahead and buy a horse for your teenager is not as […]

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