Railcard Savings

Family & Friends I receive excellent savings travelling by train, using the Family and Friends Rail Card, I have saved lots of money over the years. I use it every other week for shopping trips, and for my family annual holiday. It’s great for days out and saves having the stress of driving to a destination, meaning you can relax, have a drink with lunch and not have to drive…

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10 Ways To Save Money Food Shopping

10 Ways To Save Money Food Shopping We are all guilty of adding things to our weekly shop that we don’t need. Sometimes when money is tight we really need to cut back and set a budget. Here are 10 ways to save money food shopping. 1) Buy loose fruit and veg rather than packaged ones, you’re paying for packaging that gets thrown in the bin anyway. 2) Make a…

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Printable Daily Planner

Below is a handy printable daily planner, please feel free to save to your computer and print off when needed. The planner has a section to list your things to do, sections for tasks that are a priority, appointments, contacts and a couple of section to scribble down your notes. Perfect for Mums in business. 🙂 Download pdf here: Printable daily planner. Download pdf here: Printable daily planner. [amazon_link asins=’B06Y6JBKPR,1548350966,B01JZAIN2C,B016OL397O,B01FW6EVNS,B01EX2KM3A,B01H24YVI8,1973943379,B06WPBLDLF’…

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Our Budget Bed

After the cat destroyed the divan in my daughter’s room by using it as a scratching post, I thought it time to buy a new bed frame so browsed through Amazon for our budget bed. I came across a double metal framed bed in black, with a heart on the headboard and foot of the bed which my daughter loved the look of. We decided to go for that as it…

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