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Can you make money with MLM?

Can you make money with MLM? Disclaimer: Can you make money with MLM? These are my own thoughts from my own experience with MLM. The answer to can you make money with MLM (multi-level marketing) is yes and no. I do know people who are making a lot of money and have built very large teams. You do have to be dedicated and put a lot of work into it.…

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Start An Eco-Friendly Business

Start An Eco-Friendly Business If you would like to start your own business doing something worthwhile by helping to save the planet, promoting natural, cruelty- free products may appeal to you. Read on about becoming an Independent Distributor working alongside the direct marketing company Wikaniko. Wikaniko was established in 2007. I’ve been with this company for over two and a half years now and sell their products along with other…

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Awesome Marketing Planner System 2018

I’m so excited to have received my Awesome Marketing Planner System 2018 and can’t wait to use it in January! It is the A5 size which isn’t too large, it doesn’t take up all the room on my desk like my current A4 sized planner does. This planner is not only lovely to look at, it is tough and durable, with a soft-touch hardback cover. The pages are made from thick quality…

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MLM Facebook Group Etiquette

MLM Facebook Group Etiquette There are hundreds of groups relating to direct selling/MLM on Facebook. I’m added to groups without permission on a regular basis, does this happen to you? Facebook does notify you that you have been invited to a group, but it still adds you, so you have to visit the group and click a button to leave it if you don’t want to be in there. Adding…

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