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  • The Best School Shoes In My Opinion

    The Best School Shoes In My Opinion

    The best school shoes in my opinion I’ve just bought my daughter some brand new school shoes, she’s gone up a whole shoe size since last year. I’ll always recommend a pair of Clarks shoes, especially the patent leather style. Why? Simply because they last and are super easy to wipe over and clean. Petroleum jelly is great for cleaning this type of leather. I’ve tried to save money in the past buying the cheaper school shoes with the PU-coated coated leather which is a leather look, not real leather and they simply do not last. As soon as they get scuffed that’s it, the leather coating comes off leaving…

  • Is Minoxidil The Secret To Growing Back Over-plucked Eyebrows?

    Is Minoxidil The Secret To Growing Back Over-plucked Eyebrows?

    You’ve probably arrived on this site searching for advice on how to grow your eyebrows. Maybe you’ve become a bit too ambitious over the years with plucking and are left with thin sparse brows. Are you one of those women who wishes she’d never started plucking or waxing? If like me back in the late 80’s and 90’s it was the latest trend. The problem for a lot of women was that they didn’t grow back properly and they were left with patchy areas that needed pencilling in on a daily basis. Minoxidil I’ve tried various products on the market without success until I came across an article on the…

  • Degradable Bags

    Degradable Bags

    Degradable Bags The polythene bag is a huge environmental problem. They are wherever you look – in hedges, caught in trees, littering beaches, floating in the oceans and choking sea creatures. Even those ones disposed of correctly clog up landfill sites. The really scary thing is that no one knows how long polythene will endure, estimates range between 400 and 1000 years! There is a solution to this problem by using degradable bags, without extra cost to the end consumer (that means you) and without causing harm to the environment. It is so simple most people can’t believe it. D2W An additive called D2W is put into the raw plastic during…