New Stainless Steel Bone Dog Tag

Look at my dog proudly wearing his New Stainless Steel Bone Dog Tag! This post is a quick shout out for Doggie Solutions to say thanks for the lovely tag and quick delivery. I usually order free plastic dog tags from our local Council but they wear out so quickly and the numbers become unreadable. I thought I’d go for something different and opted for a nice new stainless steel dog tag…

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Save Money On Haircuts

Save Money On Haircuts I found a great gadget some years ago that helped me save money on my haircuts. It’s called Creaclip made by Creaproducts. It costs around £30 and will last you for years. There are a lot of copies of this product on the market but Creaclip is the original. I have long hair which is pretty easy to cut,  I simply turn my head upside down attach the…

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Freewebstore E-commerce My First Choice

Freewebstore E-commerce My First Choice I’ve tried and tested quite a few e-commerce platforms over the years. There was always some feature that I wanted that wasn’t available, or the subscription was too expensive. I’ve made Freewebstore e-commerce my first choice and here are my reasons why. I tried Freewebstore when they first started out some years ago. At the time there wasn’t a way to add personalisation details for…

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Review – How to Smash Affiliate Marketing as a UK Blogger

The Course How to Smash Affiliate Marketing as a UK Blogger is a course created by Emma Drew. Emma is a finance blogger and has grown her blog over the years resulting in an impressive monthly income of over £5000 from affiliate marketing. In the course, Emma shares her extensive knowledge to help other Uk bloggers increase affiliate income and become successful. I’m a blogger too and am always interested in learning…

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