My own thoughts on products and services that I have used myself.

  • Weight Gain In Your 40’s

    Weight Gain In Your 40's

    Weight Gain In Your 40’s Have you noticed weight gain in your 40’s? After coming back from my holiday and weighing myself, I nearly hit the floor seeing the scales at 10 st 1 lb!  Some may think it’s not that bad, but I’ve never weighed that much. Gone are the days of being 8 st 7 lb when I was younger. My waist is thickened and I have the muffin top over my jeans which I hate. I’ve noticed since my forties the weight has been slowly creeping on year by year and I haven’t been able to shift it. It doesn’t help with being short in stature either.…

  • MailerLite Review

    MailerLite Review

    MailerLite Review I’ve written this MailerLite review after reading up on various email providers and comparing each one on the services they provide and found that MailerLite is the best value with the most features. I’ve now changed over from my previous email provider to MailerLite and these are my reasons why: It’s Free To Start It doesn’t cost you a penny from 1-1000 subscribers which I think is a pretty good deal. After that 1001-2.500 subscribers costs only $10, which is less than £10. See the price chart below, the chart shows the current prices as of 27/06/2018: Unlimited Email You aren’t restricted by the number of emails you…

  • Electric Toothbrush Without The Hefty Price Tag

    Oral B Battery Operated Toothbrush Banner

    I like to recommend products that I use and think are good and of great value. Recently I came across a really good electric toothbrush without the hefty price tag and decided to buy two of them, one for me and one for my daughter. The toothbrush is battery operated and made by Braun called Oral-B Advanced Battery Powered Toothbrush It comes with batteries so you can use it straight away, I found that very convenient. It doesn’t have a 2-minute timer, I wasn’t too worried about that. I just look at a clock and time it that way or use a toothbrush timer.  It does a very good job…