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Corporate Events – What To Look For In A Space

With Christmas rocking up, there will be plenty of corporate events taking place over December. Every business will be scrambling for a space big enough to fit their company in so if you’re stressing out, looking for a last minute party space or just need a checklist for your next corporate event space, check out what to look for here.


You’ve probably been given a budget for the event, so it’s important you don’t go too crazy and blow the whole budget on just the venue. You want your venue to have everything. So make sure that you’ve ticked off your personal checklist of requirements so you don’t find that something you assumed would be included, actually isn’t.

Be sure to set out a budget plan of what you need to spend so that should you need to ask for more; you can give them evidence of the cost of those things.

Think About Size And Requirements

Size is a big factor for an event space depending on numbers and the activities taking place. You don’t want to get too big of a room that people get lost, and you don’t want a space too small that people are struggling to fit in seminar rooms or activity spaces. This can really affect the delegate’s enjoyment of the course or event.

Think about what your event will include so you know exactly what size you need as well as how many other rooms you’ll need in the venue.

Choose A Few Venues And Compare

Don’t just go for the one venue straight away, make the venue want your business by comparing it to others and seeing if they’ll match on price or even lower the quote to outbid their competitors. Pick a selection that are different, rather than ones that are all quite similar. If you’ll be presenting these to your boss, you want to show that you’ve looked extensively and considered many different options instead of ones that all have the same features and costs.

Research The Area

When you’ve found a venue that suits your budget, you want to research the area to make sure that it’s easily accessible for those travelling from a distance. You also want to check that no big events are happening nearby that could affect the access of the venue such as road closures or a marathon taking place. You also might want to look around the area so you can give guests options for accommodation if they’re new to the area.

Discuss The Extras

Sometimes a venue might be able to recommend suppliers they use for catering, lighting and other things that are required for a corporate event. Discuss these with the venue as they may be able to provide you with big discounts if you tell the supplier that you’ve been recommended by the said venue.

Always check and double check everything that goes into running a corporate event so that you don’t over budget yourself and that everything shows up on the day as planned.

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