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Crystal eye makeup is a new makeup trend that has popped up in recent years. It is a technique that involves applying crystals to the eyes. This technique can be used for both nighttime and daytime looks.

Crystals can be applied to any part of the face or body, you could also try wearing bindis. A bindi is traditionally worn between the eyebrows to symbolise the third eye.

Blue crystals on a woman's cheek

The tools needed for your look are a pair of tweezers, lash glue adhesive and crystals. Some kits have crystals with adhesive already applied.

Make sure that your skin is clean and not sweaty or greasy so that the crystals adhere to the skin as long as possible.

Here are five fabulous Crystal eye makeup ideas for you to try.

Burlesque Eye Makeup Foil Shooting Star Temporary Tattoo with Swarovski Crystals

Burlesque Eye Make Up Foil Shooting Star Temporary Tattoo with Swarovski Crystals
By Addttoo Etsy

These Swarovski crystals will bring a touch of sparkle to your look. They are ideal for weddings and parties.

The complete Addttoo kit contains water transfer Temporary Tattoo Stars, 4mm Swarovski Crystals and cosmetic adhesive. Use anywhere on the body.

The easy water transfer application lasts for days. No lash glue is needed with this kit.

Remove easily by using baby oil and wipe away.

3D Circle Face Sticker Rhinestone Jewellery

3D Circle Face Sticker Rhinestone Jewellery.
By StickrsandStones Etsy

Apply these Rhinestones to your face and around your eyes for any party or festival!

These rhinestones stick best over makeup.

Each pack contains a selection of different sized rhinestones.

Available in other colours by Stickers and Stones shop on Etsy.

Glow In The Dark Face Jewels

Moon Glow Face Jewels - Glow in the dark high-quality rhinestone gems.
By neonbeauty Etsy

Moon Glow Face Jewels are just the thing for when you’re wanting a dramatic look.

Made from high-quality rhinestone gems, these glow in the dark face jewels are perfect for festivals, parties and concerts.

100+Dainty Diamond Silver Bindis

Dainty diamond silver bindis.
By OracleShine Etsy

These tiny, delicate silver bindis can be worn under the eyes, across the cheeks, forehead, or used as a fake nose stud.

Each pack contains 100+ bindis.

The bindis shown in the image are 1 mm in size.

Colour Changing Bindi

Colour changing bindi
By Satynaka Etsy

I came across this lovely colour changing bindi in a shop called Satynka Accessories. Like mood rings, the colour will change according to your body temperature.

It’s worth having a browse around the shop because there are some nice pieces of jewellery there. This bindi was the only one left at the time of writing this post.

The bindi is reusable and can be removed with oil or a face cleanser.

Rhinestones and bindis are a great way to add a pop of colour to your eyes. They are also great for adding an extra layer of sparkle and glamour, especially for parties and other special occasions.

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