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The polythene bag is a huge environmental problem. They are wherever you look – in hedges, caught in trees, littering beaches, floating in the oceans and choking sea creatures. Even those disposed of correctly clog up landfill sites.

Degradable Bags

The really scary thing is that no one knows how long polythene will endure, estimates range between 400 and 1000 years!

There is a solution to this problem by using degradable bags, without extra cost to the end consumer (that means you) and without causing harm to the environment. It is so simple most people can’t believe it.


An additive called D2W is put into raw plastic during the manufacturing process. This is easy for the manufacturer to do. By putting in this additive, the plastic bag will eventually lose the will to live, and instead of polluting the world for the next 1000 years, it will break down harmlessly into air and water in about 12 -18 months!

There are lots of other degradable bags available on the market with different types of additives. But they need to be exposed to the elements for the process to begin – and this is useless if they are buried in a landfill site!

Why Are D2W Bags Different?

D2W bags have the same characteristics as ordinary plastic bags – because they are ordinary plastic bags! They’ve just had some D2W added to the plastic mixture before the bags are made.

You can use the bags time and time again. You can recycle them with other bags without affecting the recycling process. They are as strong as the bags you use. They are perfectly safe – provided you don’t stick one over your head of course!

The only difference is that in 12 – 18 months, they will start to break down, and will soon degrade and disappear totally and absolutely. How good is that? And they will not cost you an arm and a leg, they cost about the same as the supermarket brands.

You can throw out your rubbish in bin liners or degradable black plastic sacks knowing that you are doing your bit to help the environment. You can take your sandwiches to work, and throw away the sandwich bag – it won’t matter from now on because it will dissolve into air and water.

D2W bags are also useful to use as dog poop bags. Instead of “preserving” your dog’s poops for eternity in normal polythene bags you can now be doubly eco-friendly: eco-friendly No1 – cleaning up after your dog and eco-friendly No2 using a degradable bag!

So while the politicians and green pressure groups huff and puff about bag taxes and recycling etc you can quietly and cheaply do your bit for the environment by switching over to D2W bags.

Why not replace your laundry detergent too?

Combat environmental harm with degradable bags! Learn about D2W additive, turning plastic into eco-friendly air and water in 12-18 months. Make a simple switch for a greener planet!

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