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Do You Really Mean Business With Your Media?

When it comes to business, you really do have to do your best to stand out. It’s never really enough to just put a little bit of effort in, and then wonder why things aren’t looking great. Instead, you really have to pour your heart and soul into what you’re doing. Whether you’re starting out with a side hustle or you want to launch a big business from the get-go, one thing that will help you is your media.

Right now, media speaks a thousand words. And you’re definitely going to want to make sure that yours is sending the right message. Not only should it have an actual marketing message behind it, but it should also show that your efforts really mean business too. So if you want to make waves with your media, here’s what you need.


  1. A Killer Content Calendar

First of all, you absolutely have to have a content calendar. No buts! If you’re just winging it with the content that you’re putting out, then you may find that you are left with days where nothing goes up. Instead, you need to be really organized with what you’re doing. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a spreadsheet or a new Google Calendar and work out what content should go out when. When you do this, you should find that you’re able to plan in some really cool media and be a little more ahead of things with your media.


  1. Awesome Photography

Then, you need to make sure that you’re really nailing things with your photography. It’s so important that you can portray the right brand message with the imagery you put out. So if you’re using stock photography, just make sure that you’re selecting quality pictures. If you’re taking the photos yourself, it’s definitely worth investing in a professional photography to get the best quality.


  1. Skilled Video

From here, if you’re not already putting out a video, then it’s time to do just that. Video can take your media and your content to the next level. And it can be really instrumental in helping you to engage with your audience. So select a video production agency that you feel will understand your brand and do a great job for you. With the right kind of video content, you will notice that things are taken to the next level.


  1. Some Kind Of Audio

If you’re not using audio, then you need to do that too. While, for now, podcasting is huge, it may be worth looking into voice technology too so that you don’t miss out on the opportunities that are available through that medium.


  1. Going Live

Finally, you should then think about doing live streams. No matter what your business does, or what industry you’re in – you can make this work for you. If you’re killing it with the content that you’re putting out, and you’re covering off every other kind of media, why miss out on this? It gives you a chance to just get out there and talk to your audience. No filter, no planning – you just – real and raw. This can be great if you’re marketing yourself and branding yourself as the business or as the business owner, or if you’re interviewing or even showing behind the scenes stuff.

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