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Does Your Brand Have A Voice?


There is no task more important when launching a new business than ensuring your brand is strong enough to be “heard” in the marketplace. It’s easy to get bogged down in the technicalities of launching a new business, most of which are necessary, but without a strong brand to accompany them your new business could potentially fail at the first hurdle. Your brand requires a big personality to be memorable and stand out from the crowd. A strong brand generates sales and without sales, your business won’t be sustainable.


To create a good brand it needs an identity which resonates with your target market. Creating a brand requires a lot of research in order to develop a personality which your target market would relate to as a friend. In fact, one of the best ways of creating a strong brand is to treat it as an actual person! Once you have your brand in place it’s time to get your brand “seen”. This is where you need the creativity of experts in Digital Content, who can literally bring your brand to life with animation!

Read on for tips on how to create a brand with a personality large enough to be heard in your market sector.


Who is your target market?

You will have hopefully identified your target market during the business planning stage, now you need to really get to know them. How old are they, where do they shop, how do they spend their leisure time, what’s their spending power and who do they live with? This brings a clearer picture of who your brand needs to connect with. This information is extremely valuable as it forms the basis of your brand creation.


What is your USP?

It is unlikely that you are the first person to enter your business sector, so what makes your business different from that of your competitors? What can you offer consumers that other businesses don’t and why do you think your business would be chosen over your competitors? If you are too similar to other businesses develop something which makes you unique.


Develop a voice

Your voice needs to be developed around that of your target market. For example, if your target market is parents with young children your tone should be chatty, approachable and friendly. If you are focusing your brand toward a professional audience, your tone needs to be informative. Your voice will be used across all promotional material, whether written, visual or audible. Keep your voice consistent in order to develop a personality.


Be engaging

The aim of your branding is to draw people towards using your business. To generate sales, leads and subsequent customers you need to engage with people in order to build up trust. You could use social media as a tool to be engaging, just ensure you use it effectively by responding quickly to queries and maintaining a good level of professionalism at all times.

Your brand is key as to whether your business will be a success or not within the marketplace. Your business needs to become the first choice for consumers. If you feel that branding is not your area of expertise, take advice it will be well worth any financial investment.

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