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If you want to lose weight, you have many ways to do so. For some people, sticking to a regimen of exercise and a good diet help them shed excess pounds. But for others, medical intervention may be necessary to achieve their weight goals.

Before you start searching for the best liposuction clinic in your country, it pays to know the type of surgery you’ll need. You have many options to choose from, but not all will guarantee the results you want.

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Here are today’s most popular and convenient fat removal options.

What Are Your Fat Removal Options?

VASER Liposuction

This is one of the most convenient and minimally invasive fat removal procedures. VASER liposuction’s simple surgical methods make it a preferred option among surgeons. Unlike other liposuction forms, VASER melts and removes fat from the body using ultrasound. The ultrasound focuses on the fat and does not affect other connective tissues or nerves in the body.

In terms of recovery time, you’ll only need a couple of days. Plus, VASER liposuction rarely has post-operation complications.

Vanquish (Radiofrequency lipolysis)

Get rid of stubborn fat blobs in specific areas of your body with Vanquish (aka radiofrequency lipolysis). This treatment is used on areas that contain fat from a centimeter distance away from the patient’s body without making contact. It also doesn’t require anesthesia and has no complications, hence doctors do not recommend post-op restrictions in your normal physical activities.

The radiofrequency heats up the fat molecules without damaging other cells. It completely melts the fat, firming up your area of concern. If you’re struggling with excessively loose skin, Vanquish may not be the right procedure for you. This treatment causes further loosening of the skin when it removes fat from your body.

Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting is a minimally invasive fat removal method that causes no scarring or post-op complications. In this fat removal method, the fat molecules are melted into liquid form using cooling methods that drop the temperature of fat molecules. The process destroys fat cells and uses natural mechanisms to remove the fat from the body.

The entire procedure does not require any cutting, which reduces the chances of developing infection or scars. Also, cool sculpting is executed in a compact process. This will not restrict you from doing any physical activities you wish to indulge in.


This minimally-invasive procedure uses an injection containing deoxycholic acid, an acid that melts fat and delocalizes it later so the body flushes the fat naturally. One of the side effects of Kybella is bruising. It can cause an excessive amount of bruising but it will just for about five days only. You’ll need to repeat the treatment for five to six weeks (with an adequate number of gaps) to completely heal the bruises.

Due to the bruising, many people are skeptical of Kybella as a fat removal option. But if you’re after a chiseled jawline, this procedure can help you achieve a more permanent effect.


This is another fat removal procedure preferred by most dermatologists. In TruSculpt, the procedure uses a radiofrequency machine, which heats every layer of fat in the body while maintaining the body’s normal temperatures to prevent irritation. Since this is a minimally invasive procedure, you need not worry about scarring.

The results of TruSculpt are visible after 12 weeks. After that, you can repeat the procedure if necessary.

Considerations Before Booking a Procedure

Pamper yourself by achieving your body goals, but don’t hurry. Consider your choices.

One thing to think about when deciding between your options is the amount of fat you want to have removed. For instance, if you have one “problem” area, Coolsculpting is the better option for you. But if you have a significant amount of fat in a particular area, liposuction promises better results.

Also, what is your schedule like? Some fat removal procedures, like Coolsculpting, require an hour to perform. Other procedures, such as liposuction, can take a few hours depending on how many areas you’re having treated or the size of these areas.

Consider the time for recovery, too. Usually, no downtime is needed for most of the treatments mentioned above. Many people resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure but some procedures require a maximum of 10 days to recover.

Discuss with your doctor first and talk about your options before you settle for a treatment. Ask about the pros and cons of each treatment, as well as the budget needed.

Thanks to science, you have plenty of fat removal options. All you have to do is pick the right one and consult with a doctor to enjoy the results later.

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Explore your fat removal options.

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