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Fun Freebies To Help Convert Reluctant Leads

When you are starting out with a small business of your own, you’re likely quite keen to minimize costs. You look at your monthly cash flow and immediately start thinking about ways in which you could scythe down your overheads to insulate the profit margins that will lead to a healthy cash flow.

While profit margins and cash flow are certainly important considerations for a nascent business, obsessing over the bottom line can blind you to an inescapable truth… You can’t cut your way to growth!

If you’ve noticed that your online presence and social media feeds draw a healthy amount of traffic yet your conversion rates are consistently poor perhaps it’s time for you to consider offering your prospective customers a little something for nothing…


Why all leads expect something for nothing

It’s a well-established fact that consumers are getting more fickle despite brands of all shapes and sizes investing heavily in retaining them. Thus, consumers no longer view that all-important freebie as a novelty… It’s a necessity. In order to have the maximum impact a freebie needs to;

  • Solve a problem for your customer
  • Be instantly accessible
  • Must be relevant to your business
  • Needs to be easy and enjoyable to implement.

So, yeah, t-shirts, baseball caps and buttons aren’t going to do it here. If you want to make a great impression and convert reluctant leads, it’s worth considering…


USB Webkeys

Links are boring and business cards are so ‘90s. What if you could combine the two with beautiful custom artwork that’s tailored to your brand? That’s exactly what this analog advertising alternative offers. Give these out at trade shows, career fairs or other industry event and leads can take them home and plug them into their computers. This handy little USB device will take them directly to your website or online content.

Couple this with some truly excellent content and you have a devastating one-two punch which could take your business to the next level. Speaking of content…


Meaningful cornerstone content

Most businesses use some form of content marketing to allow their customers and leads to peek behind the curtain of their operation and give their brand a voice and personality to engage users. Yet, while blog posts and videos are all well and good, your online presence also needs cornerstone content that’s useful, meaningful and accessible to your target market.

This can come in the form of an e-book, a white paper or even a video tutorial. It should help them address a specific problem or answer a common question. If you’re stuck for ideas don’t be afraid to expand upon a previous blog post or transcribe a podcast episode.


Knowledge quizzes

Interactivity is an important factor in engaging with your target market and many brands capitalise on this in their content marketing by incorporating knowledge quizzes. These are a great way to test your target audience’s knowledge on your field of expertise as well as positioning yourself as an authority and source of knowledge, help and support when they have filled out the quiz.

However you choose to use them, freebies are a wonderful way to engage with leads and send your conversion rates soaring!

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