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When my hair is full of static, it drives me crazy. Every time I go to brush my hair it sticks up everywhere. Winter is usually the worst time of year for static hair, especially being inside a lot of the time with the central heating on. Here are a few fixes I have found that help to get rid of static hair.

Get Rid Of Static Hair

What Causes Static Hair?

Hair becomes static when it builds up an electric charge as a result of friction or the air around you is dry. You’ll know this from when you wear a winter hat, as you pull the hat off your hair usually flies all over the place and in wintertime when the air is dry as mentioned above, this is the time when static hair can become troublesome

Put Water On Static Hair

Spritz the hair with water to add the moisture back in and gently brush to smooth down those flyaway hairs. This is usually only a temporary fix though. If you don’t have a spray bottle, just wet your hairbrush and brush through.

Dryer Sheets For Static Hair 

I’ve not tried dryer sheets myself, but it is said they are effective. The dryer sheets can be rubbed onto hairbrushes before brushing the hair or rubbed down the hair shaft to eliminate the frizz. Rub one over your pillow before bed.

Ionic Hairdryer & Brush

Using an Ionic Hairdryer neutralises the electronic charge that makes hair static and also speeds up drying time.

Remington D3198 Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer for Frizz-Free Styling with Diffuser and Concentrator Attachments

Hairspray For Static Hair

Spray hairspray directly onto your hairbrush and then brush through the hair to help get rid of static. Normal hairspray is fine, there are also anti-static hairsprays and products available such as The Hair Boss Anti-static Mist. This can be used on wet or dry hair.

Apply Hand or Body Lotion To Static Hair

If you have some hand or body lotion (either will do) rub a small amount in your palms then smooth through the hair. Make sure it’s only a small amount or the hair will look greasy.

Hair Conditioner

Use an extra moisturising conditioner on your hair or use a leave-in conditioner as you don’t need to wash it out and it coats the hair.

You could also try a specially made anti-static conditioner.


Using a humidifier will help make the dry air more comfortable by boosting your indoor humidity level. This, in turn, should help your hair.

There are also sheets similar to dryer sheets but made especially for the hair called Kérastase Carré Lissant sheets.

Tips on how to get rid of static hair

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