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First impressions count in every area of life, and no more so than in business. Your business premises tells your potential customers a lot about your company, both consciously and inadvertently. Whether your company is based in an office or a shop, your building visually represents your brand, and the impression people get from your building is likely to inform how they view your company. If a customer visits your building and is greeted by a messy, tired looking lobby, they may wonder if your business is in difficulty. In contrast, if the same customer visits your competitors’ buildings and finds it well-maintained and welcoming, they are likely to view them more positively.

Take a Look Around

Ensure that your business always looks professional by spending some time thinking about how your business looks and how it could be improved to give your customers the best impression. Looking at your space with fresh eyes can be difficult when you see it every day, but try to do a walk around starting from the outside of your premises. Observe what the approach to the building is like, do your windows need cleaning? As you step inside, see if the reception desk/cash desk seems in the right position to provide customers with a welcome as they enter. Taking the time to consider your premises from a customer’s perspective should highlight any areas for improvement.


Choosing furniture that is appropriate to your business is essential to creating a professional feel for your company. Grubby, worn furniture gives the impression that you don’t care about presentation, and also that keeping your building clean and well-maintained isn’t important to you. Buying the right furniture in the first place is key to keeping it looking good for many years to come. crown furniture is an example of a business that produces furniture for healthcare and aged care settings, so the furniture is designed specifically for this, and to meet the needs of its end user, while still looking attractive. Choosing furniture for your business that is robust enough to withstand regular use, as well as easy to keep clean is essential so that you can keep your furniture looking good for longer.

Clean and Tidy

Keeping your business clean and tidy is something that sounds obvious, but in reality, it can be tricky to keep up. At busy times, it is likely that tidiness falls to the bottom of the to-do list with serving your customers and keeping up with the demand being your main priority. To overcome, this it can help to try and keep on top of the tidiness properly on a daily basis. Tidying as you go, will stop it becoming an overwhelming job later on, and is essential not only for keeping it looking professional for your customers but also the health and safety of everyone in the building. An untidy workspace will give the impression that your business is disorganized and falling behind, which is something that should always be avoided.

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