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The Asia-Pacific region is a vast area, covering a third of the planet. The countries nestled on the shores and in islands scattered throughout the ocean provide excellent locations for exotic and invigorating vacations. You can explore so many fascinating vistas, whether you want to enjoy the tropical wonders of the Philippines or planning a trip to Japan alone, the Pacific truly has it all.

Going to Oz: The 4 Most Authentic Australian Adventures

But what if you want to explore a place that’s both alluringly exotic, somewhat familiar, and just a little dangerous? Then you should start booking a flight to the Land Down Under.

However, don’t fall victim to the usual tourist haunts, like theme parks and restaurants. Australia’s authenticity doesn’t come from its cities. It comes from the unique atmosphere you can only experience in nature.

When you go to Oz, here are four outdoor activities you should consider if you want to have the most authentically Australian adventure.

Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world and is undoubtedly one of Australia’s unique formations. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most extensive coral reef ecosystem in the glove and stretches over an area of 216,000 miles. The reef is home to over 400 types of coral, providing habitats for hundreds upon hundreds of species of marine life.

Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef can be a life-changing experience. You can encounter 1,500 types of fish in their natural habitat and see the beauty of the pulsating colours of molluscs and sea anemones. You may even get to swim alongside gentle sea mammals like the dugong or watch in breathless wonder at the graceful aquatic maneuverings of the green turtle, a species sadly teetering on the brink of extinction.

Go Fishing on the Gold Coast

If swimming with the fishes isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe reeling them in is more your type of leisure activity. Australia’s Gold Coast is home to plenty of marine life that make for great catches during fishing excursions.

For example, the mahi-mahi is a large and unique looking fish found in deep waters. They have amazing scale coloration, including iridescent blue, bright green and sunny yellows. Aside form being a great trophy fish, the mahi-mahi also makes for delicious eating. You can grill its savory flesh or serve it seared in salt and citrus.

You can reel in mahi-mahi to eat for dinner or mount on your wall with a fishing charter for the Gold Coast. Other amazing species you can try to get on your hook along the Gold Coast include marlins, tuna and the dramatic swordfish.

Watch Australia’s Crocodiles

Australia is known for its wildlife diversity and its animals are either adorable, like kangaroos and koalas, or terrifying, like its collection of spiders and snakes. But the most striking Australian predator is the saltwater crocodile. These enormous reptiles are sources of dread and fascination all over the world and you would be missing out if you don’t see one during your Australian sojourn.

Most of the saltwater crocodiles in Australian can be found in its tropical Northern Territory, with its thick jungles and brackish water systems. From the city of Darwin, you can take crocodile tours that showcase these reptiles’ powerful jumping abilities as well as enjoy the beauty of Australia’s extensive wetlands and floodplains. These dramatic vistas, which are home to majestic wading birds and exotic flora, provide the perfect habitation for crocodiles, the undisputed lords of Australia’s waterways.

Feel the Timelessness of Uluru

Tens of thousands of years before the first British colonists arrived on Australia, the subcontinent was already home to many rich cultures. Collectively known as Australia’s aboriginal cultures, these nations and civilizations revered many of the country’s astounding natural landmarks, none more so than Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock.

This enormous monolith is one of the aborigine’s most sacred sites, and when visiting the astounding formation, be sure to show all due respect to their cultural heritage. Take in the immense timelessness and eternal feeling that just seeps from the monolith’s red rock and bask in the knowledge of its endurance.

Visiting Uluru is an experience akin to viewing the pyramids of Giza: stand in the presence of eternity and contemplate your place in the universe.

These authentic adventures are just a few of the ways you can truly feel in touch with the wonders of the Land Down Under. But the vast land is home to untold adventures unique to its location. Seek out these unique experiences and enrich life.

Going to Oz: The 4 Most Authentic Australian Adventures

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