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Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital city and also the most popular tourist destination city in Europe. Maybe you might have seen its golden age canals on a picture, or you may have learned that it’s home to nearly as many bicycles as the residents. But there is more to Amsterdam than meets the eye. Amsterdam holds world-class museums, entertainment venues, numerous theatres, education centres, cultural centres, and most importantly, it’s one of the safest cities in Europe.

How about visiting Amsterdam?

Amsterdam’s Canal Belt

wondering where to start from when in Amsterdam? Think of the 17th century’s four canals that weave through the city centre, have fun moving around while enjoying a boat ride.

The city is home to many good-looking structures from the Golden Age of Amsterdam and is also recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Along the canal, the city has beautiful hotels, bars, and cafes where you can relax as they watch the world go by.

Stedelijk Museum

At the Stedelijk Museum, you will be privileged to see works of art from 1870 to the present day, including pieces by Matisse, Warhol, Monet, Picasso, De Kooning, Rothko, and many more.

The museum collections contain 90,000 objects and artworks, including photography, painting, sculpture, works on paper, installations, film and video, artists’ books, and applied arts.

The museum has beautiful and spacious halls for exhibitions where visitors are able even to view the Museumplein.


Amsterdam’s popular green space, Vondelpark, which is between Oud-West and Oud-Zuid neighbourhoods, is perfect for a walk, a picnic, or a bike ride. Including its relaxing gardens, ponds, and twisting paths, there are cafés, open-air theatre, and playgrounds.

Vondel Park

It is also an outdoor museum, with 69 sculptures on its grounds, including one modelled by Picasso.

Artis Amsterdam Zoo

Escape from Amsterdam’s busy streets and take a tour to Amsterdam Zoo. Both young and old will definitely fall in love with the Zoo because it is suitable for a romantic date or family fun.

It might not be the largest one, but it is charming and romantic. It is the oldest Zoo in the Netherlands, and it is built close to the city Centre.

In the Zoo, you will be able to at least come across animals (750 different species) and trees (over 300 species). The gardens of Artis are exceptionally stunning in the summer and spring when the trees are covered with flowers.

Get on a Bike

In Amsterdam, there are as many bikes as people, and it is favourable for cycling because of its easy terrain and well-planned infrastructure.

Without a doubt, Amsterdam is the most cycle-friendly city in the world. You can move with ease and safely around the city since most of its streets have separate bike lanes to accommodate every cyclist, whether young or old.

Catch a Free Ferry to Amsterdam’s Noord Shipyard

Most visitors forget to visit the north of Amsterdam central station; they really miss out, considering the vibrant food, drink, and cultural scene that have flourished across the water.

The ferry will take you to a few drop-off points, including the cultural hotspot NDSM, from which you can indulge in a host of trendy waterfront hang-outs, regular festivals, and activities.

Live Concerts

If you are fond of majestic concert halls, listening to live music or visiting dive bars, then Amsterdam has got you covered in all styles.

Located in a transformed church, Paradiso welcomed legendary performances such as the sex pistols, Rolling Stones and highlighted a magnificent roster of international talent.

The concerts are one of the most famous in the world and host different famous musicians worldwide.

The list is endless of what to see and do in Amsterdam. if you are planning for a trip always think of Amsterdam. More info on visiting Amsterdam is to be found HERE.

Places to Stay

City CentrePark Plaza Victoria Amsterdam, situated 650 yards from the city centre opposite Amsterdam Central Station.

Canal ViewsCanal Wow Suites Amsterdam – Situated 750 yards from Anne Frank House and 0.7 miles from Royal Palace Amsterdam, Canal Wow Suites Amsterdam features river views and free WiFi.

How about visiting Amsterdam?

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