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The Diet Plate works by ensuring you are eating the correct portion sizes. I recently invested in a plate and bowl to help me lose some weight. The pounds have been creeping on over the years, more so since the onset of menopause.

I thought it was about time to do something about it because even though I’ve always exercised regularly the scales have stayed the same.

I came to the conclusion that it must be the amount I’m eating. It can be very easy to overeat without realising that you’re doing it, and it’s difficult to know how much to put on your plate.

How does the diet plate work?
Female Diet Plate

Why Choose The Diet Plate?

The Diet Plate is really lovely quality, it’s ceramic, not plastic, I bought one with a bowl to use for soups and breakfast, salads etc.

The plate and bowl count the calories for you, stopping overeating and they’re proven to help regain control over portion sizes by teaching you how to divide your food portions correctly.

The Diet Plate is also clinically proven to help control type 2 diabetes. Taking control of you health through your diet is much better than relying on medication.

How To Use The Diet Plate

Looking at the pictures, you can see that there are sections within a tape measure design to place different food groups in.

Look at the size of the cheese portion, the allowance is a 2.5 cm cube! How many of us nip to the fridge when we are peckish and cut off a chunk of cheese for a snack? I used to do this a lot. Since using this plate I’ve realised I was eating too much!

The Calorie Controlled Breakfast Bowl

The calorie-controlled breakfast bowl pictured below is so easy to use, the coloured lines are for measuring out cereals and soups.

When I have bran flakes I will fill them to the yellow line for the correct serving so there’s no messing about with scales, I get the perfect portion every time.

All information regarding the plate and bowl is provided in a handy booklet which clearly explains how to use them.

How portion control helps with weight loss

The great thing about portion control is that you can still eat what you want. Because you are eating less and the correct amount of food you’ll start to lose weight.

Is Portion Control the Key to Weight Loss?

Reducing the size of your meals is a better way to lose weight than struggling with crash diets and cutting out certain food groups. Portion control allows you to eat all the essential food groups while limiting calories.

Where to Buy Portion Control Plates

I bought my plate and bowl from Amazon, although you can purchase them from The Diet Control Website, it was slightly cheaper on Amazon, you can *see the diet plate set I bought here.

There are plates for Women, Men and Children to help ensure the correct amount of calories are being consumed daily.

How does the diet plate work?

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