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Maple syrup is so popular now that the store shelves are packed with various bottles of all sizes filled with this amber-colored liquid.

No wonder we often get stumbled in front of the aisle doubting which brand to buy!

If you’re interested in how to choose it correctly, I can tell you that!

How to Choose The Best Maple Syrup

Buying Maple Syrup Like a Pro! Hints And Tips

So, you’re in a store wanting to purchase a bottle of syrup for the pancakes you’re going to make later. Great, but which one to take? There are bottles’ labels saying “grade A” and “grade B”, and the content has a different colour from light to deep amber. So where is yours?

I suggest you consider these handy tips when shopping for maple syrup.

  • Consider the grade

This foodstuff has several grades. They don’t mean that some syrups are worse and others are better. This gradation only shows how early the syrup was produced and, of course, it will influence the taste and aroma.

The golden colour and delicate taste – this syrup harvested early. Its colour is the lightest of all, and the flavour is pretty mild.

Amber colour and rich flavor – it has the fuller maple flavor and richer color.

The dark colour and robust aroma – harvested the latest of all, with the strong and deep taste and flavour, this syrup will fit the true maple lovers! *Try this one found on Amazon it’s, nice, dark and organic.

And finally, there is that very dark and strong syrup that can’t be found in a commercial store since it’s sold only to the sweet-makers directly. Known as Grade C.

  • Read the content

It may surprise you but we have a lot of fake maple syrup on the market today! People get attracted by the nice packaging and amber colour, and they don’t even think of turning it around and read the list of ingredients.

I recommend you do that and refuse to buy a product that has any of the following components: molasses, fructose corn syrup, cellulose gum, potassium sorbate (which is a preservative), citric acid, caramel colour, or others. Such a “syrup” can go bad faster and it’s definitely unhealthy!

Remember that the true maple syrup must only contain organic maple syrup, and nothing else.

  • Mind the region of production

In the US, maple syrups are made in the following states: Vermont, NewYork, Maine, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Massachusetts, and  New Hampshire.

  • Pancake syrup is not the same as maple syrup

These two are often sold close to each other, but pancake syrup is a highly processed foodstuff that is far away from being natural. On the contrary, a true maple product, even though being the same sweetness, contains no additives and artificial components (if it’s a true syrup).

But even if you will manage to find a real all-natural and organic maple syrup, I need to remind you that it is still considered as added sugar in your diet, so be careful and mind how much of it you consume to not overuse it.

How to choose the best maple syrup.

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