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If you go to other people’s homes, you inevitably compare their reception rooms and living rooms with yours. If you feel like yours is inferior, and you would like to give out an image of luxury and sophistication, there are plenty of ways you can transform a dated and boring home into something that triggers envy. Find a few tips below.


The first thing you might want to change in your living room is the materials. You might have chipboard furniture, and – let’s be honest here – it doesn’t give out the right image. Your room will look cheap, no matter what you do with the rest of the decor. Invest in real wood furniture, and make sure that you are buying quality items that will last for a long time and will not show signs of ageing. You might want to upgrade your old fabric seating to a Chesterfield sofa that will give your living room that executive feel.  

Subtle Colors

It is also crucial that you stick with a colour palette, and don’t choose multiple bright and unprofessional shades. You might love purple and pink, but leave it to the kids’ bedroom. Go for natural beige, hessian, and white, and combine it with more serious, clean colours. You can now use online design apps that allow you to transform your walls and see how they would match the rest of your room.

Perfect Shades

Choosing the right colours is, however, not enough. You will need to find the perfect shades that will allow you to express your personality. Avoid bright yellow and anything that can clash with real wood furniture and leather. This, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot add a few bright decorative items to spruce up the room; it is all about the balance.

Soft Furnishing

Paying attention to the soft furnishing is something that most homeowners forget about. You will have to choose the carpets and curtains, blinds according to your existing colour scheme. Just like with the furniture, you should not go cheap when it comes to materials, either. If you are good at DIY, you can actually buy and transform some drapes and quality textiles into something that will dress your windows and your sofa.

Space Enhancements

The key to creating an executive hotel feel in your home is making sure that you avoid crowding your space with too much clutter. The good news is that there is plenty of multifunctional and storage furniture that will help you make the most out of your space. If you cannot walk around the room without bumping into furniture, you have a problem that needs to be dealt with. Use bright colours on the walls and the floor if you have limited space, so you can make your room appear larger. Open the space up to natural light and let it flow through the room.

If you would like to create an executive feel in your home, you will need to balance sophistication and quality, let natural light in, and make the most out of online design apps.

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