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“The bags under my eyes are designer.”


As we age bags under the eyes are more common. This is because the muscles around the eyes along with supporting tissues weaken. Fluid often accumulates below the eyes causing puffy eyes and bags which are often worse on waking because the fluid tends to accumulate when lying down.

Let’s look at a few ideas that help combat puffy eye bags without resorting to surgery!

A woman putting cucumber on her eyes

Drink More Water

Up your intake of water, because not drinking enough can make puffy eyes worse. Drinking more water helps your body flush out toxins and will reduce the appearance of eye bags.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol dehydrates the body. Try to reduce your consumption and increase your water intake when having alcoholic drinks.

Reduce Your Salt Intake

Eating too much salt can cause fluid retention, so try to reduce the amount you eat. Pay attention to the salt content in foods and don’t add extra salt to your meals.

Appy Something Cold to the Eye Area

Splash your eyes with cold water or apply wet-cooled cotton pads to the eye area. These can be stored in the freezer and used when needed.

Cold cucumber slices can be applied to the eyes as well.

Try Gentle Eye Massage

Gently massaging the eye area with the fingertips helps remove lymph fluid reducing puffiness. There are some useful massage routines available for free on YouTube.

Alternatively, invest in a massage tool.

Go Easy Using Rich Creams Around the Eyes

Using too much rich moisturiser or eye cream can make the eyes puffier. When applying any cream, wipe off the excess with a wet cotton pad either soaked in water or a gentle toner.

Try buying a product that tackles puffiness as well as wrinkles around the eyes like Beverly Hills Instant Facelift it works in 90 seconds, so it’s perfect if you need a quick fix.

Add an Extra Pillow

If you sleep on one pillow, try adding an extra one to elevate your head. This will help stop the fluid accumulating around the eyes which tends to collect more when lying flat. Using a silk pillowcase may also be helpful and is said to help with wrinkles too!

Could it Be an Allergy?

Allergies cause puffy eyes as well. Seasonal allergies like hay fever can cause puffy eyes which may need to be addressed with medications. These may include antihistamine tablets and eye drops.

Exercise Your Face

We exercise our bodies, but our faces and necks are often neglected. Practising facial exercises can have great results in lifting the face and eye area. It’s never too late to start doing this. Take a look at Eva Fraser, for nearly 40 years, Eva Fraser has been practising her facial workout techniques – and the results are remarkable.

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"The bags under my eyes are designer." ~Unknown
Let's look at a few ideas that help combat puffy eye bags without resorting to surgery!

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