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Do you love your grey hair? Perhaps not, but you could if you changed your mindset. The reason people sometimes dislike their ashen locks is that it signals the ageing process. In the past, by the time people swapped their usual hair colour for grey, they were considered old. Times have changed, though. Your lifespan and quality of living have improved, as has the image of those advancing in years. It’s now possible to be gorgeous and enjoy your silver mane.

How to Go Grey with Style and Confidence


Grey hair needn’t be brittle and dry. Of course, it will be without TLC. As grey strands appear, your tresses lose moisture, without which it can’t look luscious and shiny. You’ll feel more confident if you replenish moistness and ensure your hair is in terrific condition.

Conditioners designed to treat mature locks can restore your hair’s PH balance. If you prefer a natural product, look no further than coconut oil. After shampooing, rub a coin sized dollop of oil into your hair with your fingertips, running it along strands until it disappears. Leave the oil in place for ten minutes, and then rinse with hot water. Pay attention to the ends of strands, which are likely to be dryer than hair closer to your scalp.

Fractionated coconut oil is particularly useful as it stays in liquid form and is easier to use. The fractionated coconut oil pictured below has a pump which makes the application process less messy.

Keep it on the side in the bathroom and use on skin and hair.


Short or long grey hair can look fabulous when cut and styled well. Visit your hairdresser every six weeks for a trim to remove unsightly split ends. Your locks will look shinier as a result and stay in good condition. Also, select a style to suit your face shape. A long, side-swept fringe will suit people with square or round faces. Those with diamond or heart-shaped faces can go fringeless, or look good with a straight fringe.

Length is down to personal preference, since the days when grey-haired individuals only opted for short perms are in the distant past. Too scared to choose flowing tresses? Type the words “grey hair model” into the search engine on your computer screen; you’ll discover plenty of beautiful models sporting long grey manes who will inspire you.

Role Models

You might also be inspired by the Grey Model Agency website, where many stunning grey-haired mature beauties are featured. Additionally, many popular newspapers such as The Telegraph promote articles expounding the virtues of going grey. Find a silver role model, and your mindset will begin to shift. You’ll soon see your ashen locks as a commodity.

Grey no longer means you’re reaching the winter of life. Currently, men and women sporting white, silver, or grey are considered attractive and appealing. Indeed, according to Grey Model Agency founder Rebecca Valentine, mature models are “more in demand and making more money” than other models. Keep your tresses in good condition, and select a great hairstyle. Trim ends regularly, and you can wear grey with style and confidence.

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How to go grey with style and confidence.

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