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It’s easy to talk about rebuilding your self-esteem. But it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many suggestions and ideas out there already. What’s the first thing you should do? How about trying one of these exercises…

How To Improve Self Esteem

Argue with Your Inner Critic

The mean girl in your head is hard to live with. Instead of accepting everything she says as truth, start jotting down what she tells you. Spend a few days collecting these notes and it won’t be long before you have a few.

When you’re in a good frame of mind, pull out these thoughts, then write down why they aren’t true. For example, the inner critic might say: “You’re so stupid!” You could write something that you have accomplished which shows that you are not stupid at all.

If you have trouble with this exercise, ask a friend who’s supportive to join you. She may have more insights that will help you see yourself clearly and more positively.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparison steals your joy and your confidence. It’s not healthy to continually compare yourself to your friends, celebrities in the media, or even your past performance. You are enough right now. Remind yourself of this truth whenever you get caught up in the comparison trap.

Limit Your Time

Think about each person in your life. When you’ve finished a conversation on the phone or left a get-together with them, ponder how you feel afterwards.

Are you encouraged and energized? Are you pumped up and ready to face a new challenge? Or do you feel hopeless and blah? Are you questioning your life choices? Or doubting that you can improve your family/home/career/etc?

It’s not our friends’ job to make us feel upbeat all the time. But if you notice you always feel worse after talking to a particular family member or friend, try to limit your time together. You’ll be happier for it and your self-esteem will grow, too.

Make Time for What You Love

One of the best ways to improve your self-image is to do more of what makes you happy. Make a list of activities that feed your soul and make it a priority to do one thing from this list each day.

Tackle a New Challenge

Although it can be difficult, tackling a new challenge is a wonderful way to boost your self-esteem. Why not try to create something new such as a blog?

You don’t have to learn how to code from scratch to create one if you have a go and install a pre-made theme on WordPress and create your blog it will give you a great sense of achievement once it’s finished.

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Creating a series of small challenges and getting them done can inspire you and be a reminder of just how awesome you are.

Building your self-esteem is a process. You won’t get it done in an hour or even in a day. That’s because you’re re-writing how you view yourself. There will be ups and downs on your journey toward better self-esteem but don’t give up. You can do this and you’ll be happier for it!

Struggling with self-esteem? Begin the journey with practical exercises. Silence your inner critic, ditch comparisons, limit negativity, pursue passions, and embrace challenges.

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