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Losing pregnancy weight fast ranks high in any new mother’s goals. Understandably, taking care of your child is more important than getting a killer body. However, you can incorporate the following practices even as you look after your infant. Here’s how to drop the baby fat.

postpartum belly

Breastfeed if You Can

Breastfeeding can help with postpartum weight loss. A lot of women say that the pounds just fall off, and they did for me when my daughter was born, unfortunately for some, this is not the case and they find they are not losing weight breastfeeding.


Walking helps you burn calories because it makes you physically active. Taking regular strolls in your neighbourhood is an excellent way of losing excess weight.

Pushing your little one around in the pram also adds to your weight load helping to increase your fat-burning rate.

There are also other benefits to walking, it enables you to bond with your child and soothe them to sleep.

You can increase the intensity of your workouts by walking up hills. In addition to enhancing heart functions, walking up hills helps to eliminate belly fat and tone the leg muscles. Walking also elevates your mood by being outdoors motivating you to keep working out.

Build Up To Jogging

Build up to jogging, invest in a jogging buggy that is designed for running, it’s best not to try to jog with a normal buggy or pushchair because they aren’t made for that.

Make sure your pelvic floor is strong enough to deal with the impact of running before attempting this. Perform your Kegel exercises regularly as they are so important and often get forgotten.

Did you know that jogging along in the local park while pushing a buggy increases your calorie burn by around 20%?

Limit Processed Foods

Though they are quick meals, processed foods contain unhealthy sugar, salt, and fat. One way of reducing junk food intake is by replacing refined grains with whole grains.

Common whole grains include brown rice, lentils, oatmeal, and corn, as well as whole-wheat bread, flour, and pasta. Whole grains prevent overeating by keeping you satiated. What’s more, they minimise the retention of calories during digestion and boost metabolism.

Similarly, avoid processed meats like sausages, ham, and bacon that expose you to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. You can also replace sweetened beverages with water. Water not only accelerates your metabolism but also prevents fluid retention.

Sleep and Weight Loss

Because inadequate sleep makes you tired, you cannot exercise and shed those extra pounds. Lack of sleep also creates time for eating making it hard to say no to a bedtime snack. Additionally, it makes you eat more than you should by triggering the hormone ghrelin and suppressing the hormone leptin.

Ghrelin increases hunger while leptin tells the body it’s full. You can get more rest by sleeping when your child sleeps. You can also ask your partner to help change the baby’s nappy at night and feed the baby expressed milk when they wake up to breastfeed.

Final Thoughts

Make these tips a part of your lifestyle if you want to get in shape. You can also embrace exercises such as lifting weights, the act of lifting your baby can result in super-toned arms! Try doing a workout DVD made for postpartum mothers.

Always consult your doctor before adopting a workout routine, especially if you have had any problems during pregnancy.

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Find effective ways to lose postpartum weight fast while caring for your infant. From breastfeeding benefits to mindful nutrition and fitness tips. Learn how to drop the baby fat naturally.

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