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*Picking the right frames are crucially important when it comes to wearing eyeglasses. You want them to be stylish, complementary to your lifestyle and comfortable to wear. There are a few things to consider when searching.

How to pick the right eyeglasses for you

Make sure that your *frames fit your face. Start with a good understanding of the different face shapes like round, square, oblong, diamond-shaped and base-up triangle just to name a few.

*Frames that fit your face shape will look great on you, no matter the brand of the glasses. You also want to be sure that you are going for lighter frames like rimless or metal frames and nose grips. Doing so will help control your glasses so they are not constantly sliding off your face, even when you sweat.

Speaking of sweat, you can always opt to go for sports brands like Oakley, Smith and Nike for your eyeglasses as they can offer stylish prescription eyeglasses that are basically sweat-proof. This is a perfect option if you struggle with this on a frequent basis.

If you are an athletic person or you spend a lot of time outdoors, keep in mind that you can also get prescription goggles and sunglasses, that way you do not have to choose between being able to see and protecting your eyes from the elements.

These small tips are important to consider when picking out the right frames. When it comes to eyeglasses, forget the trends and focus on what works for you.

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How to pick the right glasses to suit your face.

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