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If you are thinking about creating a niche blog, you will need to focus on the topics you are already familiar with. There are several great ways you can connect with your audience through researching the topic, but the more you can position yourself as an expert the better your website will do. If home improvement is something you are passionate about and what you are familiar with, you can create blog vlog posts about your latest projects and innovations to share them with a wider audience.


Once you have decided what you are going to focus on in your niche blog, you will need to choose the platform to build your site on. By far, the easiest and most popular platform is WordPress. There are plenty of free themes and templates to choose from, and – thanks to the different plugins – you can customize your users’ experience. If you have a limited startup budget, you might want to use this easy solution to create a DIY website.

Proper Camera

Text is important for search engines, but what will make a real difference for your future readers is your images. That is why it is recommended that you invest in a proper, high-resolution camera sooner or later. Photos taken with your mobile phone might do for a while, but you will want to eventually brand your own professional image to attract a wider audience.

Video Platform

DIY videos do really well on various platforms. It is recommended that you choose the one that your audience uses and stick to it. No matter if you are using Vimeo or YouTube, you will have to optimize your descriptions and your keywords, titles to search engines; more clearly what people are searching for. Create content with your target audience in mind, and you will be able to make your videos go viral.

Social Media Promotions

No website or blog can survive without social media groups and pages. That is why you should ensure that you are able to cash in on the traffic you can get from your followers. You can even outsource social media marketing and focus on creating content and engaging with your audience. If you look around online, you will find plenty of affordable social media marketing packages for small business owners according to your budget.  

Innovation and Creativity

It can also be a good idea to focus on innovation and content that your readers cannot find anywhere else. If you experiment with new methods and find a way to stand out from the crowd, you will be able to increase your reach and get people to engage with you. For example, you could review different power tools from Elmers Hardware and pull in related traffic to your blog.

Creating a DIY blog means that you will enter a competitive market. Make sure that you find your unique angle and voice, and provide valuable and practical tips for your blog and social media followers.

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