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In some ways, today’s customers have characteristics that have long been common.

They still enjoy spending money.

They still expect excellent customer service.

And they still like finding bargains.

However, in 2019, there are certain characteristics of the modern customer that every business owner needs to consider.

Today’s customers have greater control over the shopping experience. In years past, customer’s had less choice in the way they shopped, less certainty about the companies they were using, and a reduced ability to find a good bargain. Now, thanks to the power of the internet, they are not confined to one particular retailer. They can browse products across a variety of online platforms, research the companies they consider using, and compare prices easily. For a business owner looking to attract more customers, they need to know that they are at the whim of the customer, and not the other way round.

Today’s customers live within their mobile devices. Take a look out of your window now. We can almost guarantee you will see at least one person looking down at their phone as they are walking down the street. Chances are, you are reading this article on your own mobile phone too! For the business owner, it is important to tap into these smaller screens to better reach potential customers. Websites need to be optimised for these smaller screens, perhaps with the aid of a user testing platform to better tailor the site to prospective customers. Considering the amount of time people spend scrolling through Facebook on their phones, a greater focus on marketing within the realms of social media should be a given. And consideration should be given towards creating a business app, to both build brand recognition and provide greater shopping functionality for the customer.

Today’s customers are social sharers. They share experiences on social media. They air their views on business review sites. And they connect others to the websites they use with the click of a social share button. Business owners can take advantage of this. They can encourage their customers to share their positive experiences online, and they can add social media plugins to their websites. However, business owners also need to be wary. While customers have the power to share positive messages, they also have a platform to vent their ire and fury. With the prospect of one-star reviews and unkind Facebook posts, the business owner needs to be at the top of their game in delivering excellent value and service to their customers.

Today’s customers are cyber aware. With endless stories on the media about data leaks and customer fraud, today’s customers are vigilant online. If a business website doesn’t seem secure, chances are, they won’t risk handing over their personal address information and credit card details online. Should you own a business website, you need to take steps to put your customers at ease. From privacy policies to trust seals, adhere to the information given here to show them that your website is safe and secure.

Final word

The characteristics of the customer are constantly evolving. Should you be a business owner, you need to keep up with their needs, wants, and trends if you want to experience success. And if you’re ever unsure as to what these might be, consider yourself and your desires and practices when you shop. Chances are, you know modern customer characteristics already from your own life and shopping experiences. Still, commit to market research to ensure you don’t fall behind and to secure your survivability in business.

Thanks for reading.

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