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If you are looking for something more exciting to do with your home this year, one of the things you can do is add some metallic elements.

Metals are beautiful when integrated into your interior design. If you can do it right it will add an air of luxury and grandeur to the home which is amazing. Here are some of the ways you can bring some metallics into your home this year.


One of the easiest ways to add some metal to the home is to use marble on worktops and other counters in the home. When you order marble you can often find designs which have streaks of gold or silver running through them and this can make for a stunning effect in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Be bold and brave

When it comes to decorating and looking for a way to make your home stand out, it is always a good idea to be bold and brave with your design. You can think of using a gravity die casting process to make features for the home and you can even go all out and think about entirely metal features such as a copper bathtub or sink. These things can make all the difference to your space and they can make your home feel much more luxurious.

Add subtle touches

If big features aren’t really your thing, you can always go a little more subtle with Metallics and add smaller features to the home. For example a great way to bring metal into the kitchen could be a metallic toaster and kettle, and you can also have metallic door knobs for an extra modern effect.

Embellish the walls

If you want to redecorate your living room and you are unsure exactly what to do with it, a great idea could be to find some wallpaper which has elements of metal running through the design. This can be a stunning way to make the room feel brand new and modern without doing too much at all and the effect can be stunning if the room is full of light.

Add more mirrors

One super simple way to add metal to any room at all is with mirrors. Mirrors are metallic by nature and they shine through a home to bring the illusion of more space and light everywhere they go. A great idea to try with your mirrors is to buy them in geometric shapes with rose gold or gold frames. These, placed all over the house, can be exactly what you need to make the home look stunning and bring some depth to your interior design.

Accent a space

You don’t even need to add much metal at all to a room. There are some simple ways to accent a home with metal, such as using gold or copper cutlery, using metallic mugs, decorating a home with copper planters… anything will add a touch of luxury to the home and it will make your home feel more expensive.

Integrating Metallics Into Your Home Design

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