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Is a Motorcycle for Your Teenager a Good Idea?

Mums everywhere are worried by the idea of their teenagers hoping on a motorcycle and haring off. But, though motorcycles might have a bad reputation, there are a few redeeming factors that might help you decide whether getting one for your kid could be a good idea.

Kids want all kinds of things these days, but their independence is more important than ever. Whether they are begging for a horse or want their own set of wheels, what might seem like a fleeting teenage desire is actually a plea to inch a little closer to adulthood.

Don’t write off their desire for a mohawk helmet just yet, read on for some of the pros and cons.


Motorcycles are Good Value for Money

One of the first reasons to choose a motorcycle over a car is that they are usually much better value for money. As well as being cheaper to purchase, motorcycles are also significantly more fuel efficient. Surprisingly, motorcycles are also cheaper to insure.

Motorcycles do come with a few extra costs though. You should make sure that you have suitable protective clothing to wear when you are riding the motorcycle and a good, high-quality helmet is a must too. Similarly, the correct shoes should also be worn.


Motorcycle Accidents are Declining

The main worry mums tend to have is the chance of an accident. Motorcyclists, along with cyclists and horse riders are the most vulnerable people on the road but this doesn’t mean that an accident is inevitable. Motorcycle accidents are actually declining in the UK.

More drivers are now aware of the risks they pose to motorcyclists and advert campaigns have educated many in double checking speeds and remembering blind spots. While you may not be able to control other drivers on the road, most are now much more aware of motorcyclists at the very least.

However, as these groups are so vulnerable, the fallout of an accident is significantly more traumatic. As companies like Abels & Annes show, the chance of a serious injury to the spine or a traumatic head injury is a significant risk to the motorcyclist.


Motorcyclists Have to be More Responsible

Though you might think of motorcyclists as being irresponsible, the opposite is often true. Unlike car drivers who can spend a lot of time messing about with the radio or even looking at their phones, motorcyclists don’t have much choice but to concentrate on the road ahead. Indeed, some studies have shown that motorcyclists respond much faster to hazards on the road than people driving cars.

Learning to drive and behave on the road responsibly is something that all kids should do regardless of whether they are in a car or on a bike. Setting them up with a good instructor and making sure that they are fully informed is the best thing you can do as a parent. After all, in a couple of years, they won’t need to get your approval beforehand. At least now you can make your opinions known.

Is a Motorcycle for Your Teenager a Good Idea?

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