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It’s An Exhibition So What And How Are You Exhibiting?


Business exhibitions trump business conferences because you’re connecting more so with consumers and customers. Conferences are great but they’re designed for experts and fellow professionals to meet up, debate and discuss what’s going on in the current global market and national economies. You’re surrounded by people who are enthusiastic but more than likely, only about their specialism. However, exhibitions are when you get to pull out all the stops, wow consumers with new products and services, and allow anyone to experience your business.

The press is also much more likely to print something that goes on at the exhibition as it’s going to be more digestible for the masses. So, actually, when you think about it, it’s less pressure as you’re not trying to compete with fellow rivals to get the spotlight from people you admire in your field. It gives you a chance to be extra creative, be jovial in your approach and allows for more experimentation.



It’s a test lab

Exhibitions are a place where consumers will want to test out what you have to offer. What a perfect time to experiment and reveal some new things that are in the pipeline or purely just speculation. This could be a brand new product before you reveal it officially. Customers can give you great feedback right there on the spot. They’ll get to touch it, feel the design, use its main function in a real-world scenario and give you an honest first impression. On the other hand, you can always give them a prototype of what you’re working on and see what they make of it. It goes without saying but take down as much information as you can from customers and this should be understood and used by the sales, marketing team and research and development teams.



Literally stand out

The days of rocking up to an exhibition with just a few stands and props is over. Nowadays you need to have a specific kind of design for your stand, one that creates a singular atmosphere in all of the exhibition hall. When people come to your stand, they need to be transported to your world, and it’s your job to make them forget about everything else that’s going on around them. If you’re going to go all the way and literally stand out, CMEX manufacture custom exhibition stands are something you need to look into for your business. They create just the kind of stand you need for your business.

If you’re exhibiting certain kinds of products, and they take up space and are heavy, the stand needs to be robust and large. They design stands for every industry, and reside their reputation on their high-quality designs and attention to detail. An open stand and a closed stand require different approaches to the design. One is going to be including an overhead structure while the other is wide and flat. Hence why, your specific needs should be put to a custom design.

An exhibition is when you need to go all out and pull every trick feasible out of the bag. You’re trying positively wow consumers, stop them in their tracks and want to come and interact with you of their own fruition. Two ways to do that is to have a brilliant stand, and offer them new products to test.

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