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When you’re running a business as part of a small team or as a so-called solopreneur, you’ll know that role distribution is vital.

If you are working alongside others, this should be fairly obvious so long as all of you are playing to your strengths. But what happens if you’re out there on your own, how do you juggle the roles of providing your service while being your own accountant, marketing manager and HR guru?

In this blog, we take a look at how to get it right, how to make time for ALL the important elements of your business without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. We’ve trawled the best sites from business bloggers and lifestyle gurus to bring you the best advice we can.

It doesn’t matter if you run a horticultural site like or sell designer handbags; the fact is you’re going to need to work out how you manage your day-to-day working life if you want to succeed.

Work well, not hard

You can put in all the hours in the day but if you are not working efficiently it’s wasted time. Yes, you could spend some time filing your paperwork in well-organised folders or you can spend seconds dragging and dropping them into an online filing system such as Dropbox.

Again with emails, don’t reply to everything that comes into your inbox straight away instead figure out an effective filter system that flags up your important missives and siphons off your less important emails into a separate file. Gmail has a good system for this with primary, social and marketing email folders already set up.

Start each day with a goal

Rather than just seeing how it unfolds and finding you have spent a whole day with little to show for it, start each morning knowing what you want to achieve.

If you know you’re going to have a quiet morning, set about writing a marketing strategy that you will put in place over the coming weeks and set out clear, achievable goals to aim for within this strategy.

If you’re busy, aim to interact with a certain number of customers or send out all your overdue invoices by the end of your working day. Keeping focused will help you allocate your time effectively and pinpoint where you might need to spend more time on subsequent days.

Remember you

It might go against the grain of effective working but a burnt out solopreneur really is no good to anyone, especially your business. If you do have good working practices in place and are achieving your daily goals, then you should be able to take adequate time off to recharge those hard working batteries.

You will need to be disciplined, it’s easy to put in one more bid, to send one more email but you need to set your working boundaries in place and stick to them. Be intentional in how you work and you’ll be surprised at how much you can do, solo.

Juggling Roles As A Solopreneur

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