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EDOBIO is an all-natural skincare brand that focuses on basic and minimalistic beauty routines. Tracing back to its Japanese roots, the name EDOBIO encapsulates the company’s inspiration from the “Edo” period, along with the biotechnology techniques used to develop each product line.

The History Of EDIBO

Ukiyo-e paintings in ancient Japanese culture traditionally display women with glowing skin. These historical block prints were a popular expression of art within this time, influencing the standard of beauty for hundreds of years.

The gorgeous complexions of these Japanese beauties came from the natural skincare ingredients that emerged during the Edo period.

EDOBIO has brought back these simplistic routines, transforming them into modern-day solutions for many common skin problems.

Japanese Skincare Routine

Development of the Floradiance Series

The Floradiance Series was strategically crafted to help consumers resolve issues with dryness, discoloration, blemishes, and everything in between with just one line of products.

The single ingredient that was key to the development of this series is rice bran, which was a technique derived from ancient Japanese culture. Branching off of this single idea, the skincare experts at EDOBIO conducted deeper research on engineering solutions to common skin problems.

Active Ingredient: BiProGE®︎ Lactic Acid Bacteria

Through deep studies of natural ingredients and their effects on the human body, BiProGE Lactic Acid Bacteria was born. This innovative technology was then carefully applied to each product within the ground-breaking Floradiance Series.

BiProGE®︎Lactic Acid is a combination of yeast and lactic acid bacteria, along with minerals that provide everything that is needed for beautiful and radiant skin.

BIProGE®︎Lactic acid bacteria – which is found in nature – distinguishes its products because it is comprised of thousands of bacterium with varying properties and functions. And because mixed cultivation has shown to have a higher immunostimulatory effect than single lactic acid bacteria, BiProGE lactic acid bacteria was created by separating two types of lactic acid bacterium and two types of yeast to help power activation of immune cells at a higher level than other lactic acid bacteria.

The main effect that this bacteria is designed to have on the skin is most similar to soil and plants. With the use of carefully selected microorganisms, the active ingredient in this series brings life back to the skin, just as seeds sprout up from the ground.

EDOBIO Floradiance Moisturizing Soufflè Soap

The Floradiance Series consists of the EDOBIO Floradiance Moisturizing Soufflè Soap, which is a multi-purpose skincare product that comes with a plethora of visible benefits. Intended for both the face and the body, this completely natural soap keeps the skin clean, leaving behind a soft finish in the absence of harsh chemicals.

These soaps come in two separate varieties: Matsu and the limited edition Masu. The main differentiating factor between the two choices lies in the size and packaging. Limited edition souffle soaps feature a longer height and more intricate box design.

Nevertheless, both of these products include the same active ingredients, along with the proprietary BiProGE Lactic Acid Bacteria.

Moisturizing Souffle Soap Formula

Moisturizing Souffle Soap Formula

The Moisturizing Souffle Soaps consist of natural Japanese ingredients that are integral to the country’s ancient culture. Although simplicity is key when it comes to EDOBIO skincare products, each soap is expertly crafted with the delicate components outlined below for the most desirable results.

Somei Yoshino

One of the main aspects associated with traditional Japanese culture is the Sakura flower, or cherry blossom. Along with the sweet aroma that is held within the Somei Yoshino blossoms, the liquid extract from the flower is responsible for the intense moisture that comes with the use of each EDOBIO product.

Green Tea Seed Extract

Green tea seed extract holds a multitude of skin benefits, from toning to moisture and conditioning. In combination with active ingredients Vitamin E and amino acid, the oil pulled and pressed from the Camellia Oleifera plant allows our souffle soaps to provide a glowing finish to any skin type.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Extracted from pure Japanese Green tea leaves, the catechins in this oil provide unique skincare benefits to those who apply it. Aside from moisturizing the skin for an increasingly soft feel, this ingredient penetrates the surface, promoting health effects throughout the entire body.

The active ingredient in this series brings life back to the skin

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